Friday, November 13, 2009

News Round-up: Disney, OLTL in Raritan, Bonnie, Web TV

ONE LIFE TO LIVE films in Raritan
Raritan is still in Somerset County (New Jersey), but Thursday it doubled as a town on the American-Canadian border during the filming of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. In true soap-opera fashion, the bridge was the stage for a hostage situation on Washington’s border with Canada. Characters Todd, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora, Danielle and Ross were involved. Production Manager Brian O’Meara said the show searched all over the tri-state area for bridges.

“The reason we like it is because it’s close to traffic and it’s a very majestic looking bridge,” he said of the Raritan location. Soap opera crews are no strangers to Somerset County. GUIDING LIGHT had filmed its last two years in Peapack-Gladstone.

OLTL films scenes on Raritan River bridge
Motorists driving by the Nevius Street bridge Wednesday and Thursday were probably wondering why there was a police car on the pedestrians-only span above the Raritan River. The explanation is simple: there was a hostage situation on the bridge. But the only victims were actors and crew members who had to endure a cool, wet wind as they were filming scenes for ONE LIFE TO LIVE. The scenes depicting the hostage situation will air the weeks of Dec. 7 and 14, said Lori Hogan, a spokesperson for the show.

NBC Holding Annual Green Week
NBC is holding its annual "Greek Week" Nov. 15-22. In the Nov. 19 episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, three of the daytime drama's characters create a green space on the hospital rooftop.

Could this finally be the season for Web TV?
Big TV manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Vizio say that they're poised to revolutionize television this Christmas shopping season: They're about to launch the first major marketing push for a new generation of sets that can easily integrate Web content with traditional TV news and entertainment – without the fuss of connecting the TV to a set-top box.

"When we all open up the newspapers on Jan. 1, and they talk about the hot items from the holiday selling season, Internet-connected TVs are going to be at the top of the list," says Randy Waynick, senior vice president at Sony's Consumer Group.

VIDEO: BONNIE HUNT Day of DAYS winner report
A segment from Bonnie Hunt's guest reporter at the Day of DAYS event aired on Thursday.

Larry Hagman Kicks The Need For Insulin
The DALLAS actor embarked on a health kick of diet and exercise and lost 20 pounds, breaking his need to take the blood sugar controlling drug.

Disney reports fourth quarter earnings, broadcasting down $337M
Disney reported its fiscal fourth quarter, another tough time for its broadcasting unit and as expected, a better time for cable. Operating income in broadcasting was $2 million in the quarter to October 3, 2009 versus a loss of $71 million in the prior year, thanks to higher domestic and international sales of shows such as GREY'S ANATOMY. For the year, the company said operating income at broadcasting was down by $337 million to $505 million because of lower advertising sales at the network and the stations, because of lower ratings.

ABC closing in on CHARLIE'S ANGELS
ABC is close to giving a pilot order to a modern version of the classic 1970s TV actioner CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

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