Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #15

On Episode #15 of “We Love Soaps Radio,” Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs are joined by special co-host Joanna Parson, a talented comedian and musician. We also preview our new in-depth interview with longtime GENERAL HOSPITAL star Jacklyn Zeman.

Episode #15 includes:
- An interview with Joanna Parson who sings two original songs (including one about GUIDING LIGHT) and improvs a third (about Eric Braeden)

- Dissecting the Eric Braeden contract situation at Y&R

- The smartest line of the week!

- GENERAL HOSPTIAL's Jacklyn Zeman discusses the history of Bobbie Spencer and how she has overcome so many obstacles in life.


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- Joanna Parson's website (JoannaParson.com)

1 comment:

  1. Smartest thing said on soaps today was One Life To Live Marty toward the end of the episode:
    "go lock the door"

    Marty and John were about to get it on and she actually thought of locking the door to her office!