Thursday, October 22, 2009

News Round-up: Madonna, Herring, ATWT in Philly, CO77X

GLEE: Madonna is on board! Is Adam Lambert next?
Madonna apparently is a pretty big fan of the new series about a high school show choir. She has given the show's producers the rights to her catalog and an all-Material Girl-music episode is in the works for next year, reports.

Madonna might not be the only pop star getting some GLEE love. Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that he’s considering approaching AMERICAN IDOL runner up Adam Lambert about appearing on the show.

ATWT taping in Philadelphia today
Fans are invited to watch the taping and will even get the chance to appear as extras in crowd scenes. The crowd scene will be filmed on location in front of City Hall at the corner of Broad and Market Streets between 1 and 5 p.m.

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Lynn Herring (Audrey)
"I had lunch with Jane Eliot (Tracy, GH) and we discussed how the audience was so articulate about Guiding Light and how much they loved the show and were so sad when it ended, and that on GH, Mafia and bad violence has turned people away. The networks don’t get that our viewers are so intuitive and smart. Even GH people, who had never watched GL and are faithful to their show, understood what it meant to lose a show like that. Daytime is a lot classier than people think, and it hurt to be back on daytime and see what has happened in the genre. I love this genre!"

The mystery behind CO77X in GENERAL HOSPITAL
What is CO77x? or co77x? or c077x? A lot of people were asking that question Wednesday. There were rumors that co77x is an upcoming movie. Some said that it might be a new virus spreading aroud the world. Some bloggers claimed that co77x was deciphered in a graffiti wall. Some even said that it was just a hoax which is similar to Kanye West is Dead and Balloon Boy. Some even find this five letter acronym weird and scandalous.

The answer: CO77X topped the Google trends because this was featured in Tuesday’s GENERAL HOPSITAL episode. Everybody is really curious about the meaning behind that myserious code. GH featured a flashback by Dante where he recalled that he spotted a graffiti on the wall that read co77x. So what is the meaning of co77x? It might be a reference to James Franco’s character seeing that they were childhood buddies.

DVR Killed the TV Star
Nancy Matthews writes: "DVRs are amazing and wonderful, but they really force me to look at my viewing habits and I am not thrilled by what I discovered about myself."

Adrianne Palicki will appear on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this season after all
She’s scheduled to shoot her one and only season 4 episode later this month.

INTERVIEW: Former OLTL star Jessica Tuck
Tuck, who played Megan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, was a guest on "Brandon's Buzz" on Tuesday night. One interesting tidbit she revealed was that Frank Valentini start at OLTL around the same time she did as a production assistant and he worked his way up to his current role as executive producer.

BIG BROTHER Winner Finds Love
Big Brother fans will be happy to know that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, the alliance-turned-lovebirds, are officially a couple. The happy couple will appear on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on Oct. 27, alongside regulars Jennifer Gareis (Donna) and Aaron D. Spears (Justin). The two will be appearing in flashback scenes from a high school homecoming dance from the ‘80s.


  1. Re: Lynn Herring interview - It's always nice to hear that some in the industry recognize that soap fans are intelligent and discriminating just like other types of audiences. Lynn Herring, Martha Byrne, Crystal Chappell etal. know what the fans want, probably from interacting and listening to the fans. If the producers of broadcast soaps really wanted to save the genre they should be doing the same. There's a huge untapped market of potential consumers willing to go out of their way to find a good story. Bring a good story and a fan favorite like Lynn Herring to play it and they will come.

  2. I'm loving the CO77X stuff on GH. I find it intriguing and now I'm even more excited about James Franco joining.

    Kudos to whomever decided to use "mad world" as the "main" song. I prefer the Gary Jules version but it is still a darn good song.