Monday, September 28, 2009

THE SOAPGEIST: Braden, New GL, Otalia, OLTL

"The Soapgeist", a weekly column from TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, is out with a special news edition today.

The headlines include:
- Here we go again — Eric Braeden written out of Y&R! His “emotional” last day on the set!

- Is a GL reunion already in the works? Also, Otalia finale kiss cut!

- Will ONE LIFE be cancelled in 2010?


  1. It just boggles the mind that OLTL could be canceled before AMC. The show is written better, cost less money (which I'm sure they will justify moving AMC to LA so it will end up being cheaper) and actually uses its vets. It also sounds like ABC daytime didnt make a "sophies choice" they chose who there friends were and thats why this genre is failing.

  2. Sony's strong arm tactics with Y&R stars are so tiresome.