Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Latest in Soap Tweets: Rowell, Williamson, Vasi, Hall

Here are some of the latest tweets from the world of soaps. Victoria Rowell is tweeting on why she hasn't returned to Y&R. Meanwhile, Bree Williamson will be appearing on GOSSIP GIRL.

@victoriarowell (Former Y&R star Victoria Rowell) 3 actors are working OT 2 keep Dru OUT! And an inside source told me who. Word is Lily don't want her Mamma - read between the lines.

@breewilliamson (OLTL's Bree Williamson) I am on set at Gossip Girl!! Look out for me on an episode this season!!!

@denisevasi (AMC's Denise Vasi) Just finished an early walk w Blu, jumping bck in2 bed. NY movie premiere 2nite, what should I wear? Seems its going to be cold :( ABC will release an official announcement regarding All My Children/actors who R making the move 2LA. Thk U 4 being patient & understanding.

@DeidreHall (Former DAYS star Deidre Hall) The boys and I just saw the premier of Michael Moore's Capitalism, A Love Story. It is moving, awesome, and inspiring. Make sure to see it!!

@BrandonBarash (GH's Brandon Barash) Thx to those who drove up those @MDANews auction bids by tweeting, spreading the word and bidding. Your support is MUCH APPRECIATED!

@corbinbernsen (Y&R's Corbin Bernsen) Just got done taping "Old Christine." What a blast! So much fun doing sitcom with an audience. Like theater.

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  1. Victoria Rowell's tweet is very depressing on many levels. I wish there were such things as adults who could think about the greater good and focus on the bigger picture:

    Y&R is hurting. It needs Dru. There are contractual ways of keeping Rowell in line if the concern is her being too much of a diva.

    As much as I like Christel Khalil, I would rather have Victoria Rowell on Y&R than Khalil. Rowell just brings more to the table in terms of acting and ability to deliver fans (ratings).

    The wheels are coming off the bus soap stars. Deal with the personality issues through human resources. You have to keep your head in the game and focus on what can save your show. No show means no pay check.

  2. Soap actors are paid to play out a character as writted for them by writers. Not to dictate hiring policies and preferences. Get a life; with the genre in trouble, you aren't as valuable as you once considered yourself to be. Never has there been a better actor, black or otherwise, in a role on Y&R. Victoria Rowell is vital to Y&R's future - current storylines leave a lot to be desired.

  3. Seriously, if Y&R labeled its summer stories like Days used to, this would be the Summer of Gloom. One depressing and heart wrenching story after the other.

    There has to be some joy.

    And for goodness sake, killing off an Abbott child? Why kill off a legacy character we've watch grow up on screen needlessly?

    Summer of Gloom!!! Enough! We need a return to big, bold Y&R. We need Jill, Katherine, Nina, Drucilla, Nikki, Victor, Neil, Jack, etc.

    No more death and mayhem for a year! No more date rapes of women or men.

    And, please, please, please end the ping pong relationship of Sharon/Nick/Phyllis.