Thursday, September 17, 2009

DC's Sneak Peek at Tonight's IMAGINARY BITCHES!

Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens spoke with Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel about tonight's special Emmy episode of IMAGINARY BITCHES. He also asked Damon L. Jacobs and myself about our appearances on the show.

DC: So Roger, what was it like making your webisodic debut?

Roger Newcomb: I'm now considering giving up We Love Soaps and going into acting full-time! Seriously, it was a blast. Andrew Miller is inspiring, and I can't imagine a better on-set atmosphere than the folks behind IB and the cast have created. I'm hoping Andrew sees our potential and spins us off into our own series, UNIMAGINATIVE BASTARDS.

DC: Damon, you're a licensed therapist, would you consider Eden's decision to create imaginary friends— who turned out to be bitches— to talk to when her real friends ignored her, psychologically healthy?

Damon Jacobs: Eden's reaction to her perceived sense of abandonment is a completely healthy response. Instead of sinking into a hole of depression, or making dramatic gestures in order to get attention, she turned within herself to create new life to sustain and invigorate her spirit. She has struggled to keep a healthy balance between her human friends and her imaginary friends, and has learned all have strengths and limitations.

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Don't miss tonight's episode of IMAGINARY BITCHES at 9 p.m. ET at which is followed by a live chat with Eden, Catherine and Heather.

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