Saturday, September 12, 2009


The We Love Soaps photo tribute to GUIDING LIGHT continues with a look at some of the actors who started on the soap who went on to become famous in other roles or careers.

James Lipton is best known these days for hosting INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO. But early in his career he was known to soap fans as Dick Grant on GUIDING LIGHT. In the phone above he is pictured with Bernard Grant (Paul Fletcher) and Lynne Rogers (Marie).

After a long run on GUIDING LIGHT as Peggy, Fran Myers went on to become a soap opera writer for several soaps including ONE LIFE TO LIVE and DAYS OF OUR LIVES. In the phone above, Myers is pictured with Bernard Grant who played Paul Fletcher on GL. He later went on to play Steve on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and Dan on SOMERSET. Grant died in 2004.

Anthony D. Call played Joe Werner on GUIDING LIGHT for four years, but many soap fans recognize him as Herb Callison from ONE LFIE TO LIVE. He is pictured above with Millette Alexander who played Sara McIntyre for many years. Alexander now tours as a classic concert pianist.

Ernest Graves played Alex Bowden for six years on GUIDING LIGHT before going on to roles on ANOTHER WORLD and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. He died in 1983. He is pictured above with Abigail Kellogg who played Robin Lang. After leaving GL, Kellogg played Patti on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and Celia on LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING.

Thanks to Rob Wargo for the photographs.


  1. Any idea about the circumstances surrounding Ed Zimmermann's death that prompted Anthony D. Call to take over the role of "Dr. Joe Werner" (the last in the role)?

    Any ideas on the years of any of these photographs?

    Also, I believe it was actually Sara McIntyre--not "Sarah." And you wrote that "Fletcher" died in 2004, but I assume you meant Bernard Grant.

  2. Thanks for the notes, Dan. I'll see what I can find out about Zimmerman.

    I don't have the exact dates of the photos. I have educated guesses but didn't want to put those down.

  3. Thanks, Roger! You know, if anyone was going to do a written-and-pictorial history of "Guiding Light," now would certainly be the time.

  4. Hi Roger!

    The photo of Anthony Call & Millette Alexander, I think, might be from 1973-74, when Joe & Sarah were having marital problems because of his brief affair with Charlotte Waring Bauer (Mike's ex-wife--played by Melinda Fee). Nancy Addison as Kit Vestid was romantically obsessed with Dr. Joe, too. Call does TV commercial voiceovers nowadays. Millette Alexander played Dr. Sarah from 1969 until 1982. I'm sorry Doug Marland wasn't interested enough in her character to keep her on the soap so he could write for her.

  5. Hi Roger,

    Do you have available any photos of Victoria Wyndham & Melinda Fee as Charlotte Waring Bauer? Any of Billy Dee Williams & Cicely Tyson or James Earl Jones & Ruby Dee as Dr. Jim Frazier & Nurse Martha Frazier? Thanks. Keep These Classic Photos Coming!

  6. Ed Zimmermann died of a heart attack July 6, 1972 in York, Maine. He had taken a little time off from The Guiding Light to appear in a play.
    Berkley Harris had the part of Dr. Joe Werner for a day or so but then the part went to Anthony Call. His passing was such a loss for those who knew him and also for his fans. He wrote an excellent book, LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.

  7. Trish, thanks for the information about Mr. Zimmermann's death and how he was replaced.