Thursday, August 6, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Nikki and Victor Newman

Victor and Nikki Newman are one of my all-time favorite soap opera couples. I fell in love with them instantly when Victor met stripper in 1981. It seems like a lifetime ago now. Over the years they have broken up, been married to other people, broken up again and moved on again. Currently Victor is married to Ashley and Nikki is about to marry Paul. Or she was before Thursday's episode.

But what I want to focus on here is the amazing history and chemistry that is shared between Y&R's best couple, Victor and Nikki. Wednesday's episode seemed like a farewell for Melody Thomas Scott. As Nikki was having cold feet about marrying Paul, the show used flashbacks of her relationships with Paul and Victor to great effect. As much as I love the character of Paul, and the 70s flashback with Paul and Nikki was priceless, Nikki belongs with Victor Newman. That wonderful flashback-filled show left no doubt. Whether they are happy, fighting or falling in love all over again, their chemistry is undeniable. They will never be finished with each other.

One thing the daytime soaps have going for them is an unmatched history. No other scripted series, or even reality series, can flashback 30 years like Y&R did on Wednesday. It's so powerful to see that history being used showing Nikki's relationships with Victor and Paul and how they evolved. I want to give major kudos for writing and airing such a special show that new and old viewers alike could enjoy. It was entertaining and also educational for fans who may not have seen these relationships from the beginning. I would love it if more soaps took notice of this. AS THE WORLD TURNS is probably sitting on the biggest goldmine in terms of history and it would help the show greatly to use it.

I don't know what the future holds for Victor and Nikki but I have no doubt that as long as Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden are on Y&R these two will always come back together no matter how long it takes.

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  1. ITA it was a great episode, but I don't want Nikki back with Victor (despite to chemistry). Nikki should make the smart choice and choose Paul - I'd like to see one of the good guys win over the Mustache for once!