Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GUIDING LIGHT Trending on Twitter On Last Tape Day

GUIDING LIGHT is taping for the final time today in Peapack and fans have come together to show their support on Twitter. "#GuidingLightForever" is currently one of the top trending topics on social networking service.

GUIDING LIGHT's Frank Dicopoulos (Frank) tweeted his thoughts earlier today on the show's last tape day.

It's here.....the final day of taping. We thought it was going to rain and prolong things an extra day. No rain, just heat. This is it.

If you post on Twitter, be sure to add "#GuidingLightForever" to your message today in honor of this legendary soap.

GUIDING LIGHT's 72 year year run on radio and television will end when the final episode airs on September 18.

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