Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Muhney Is Enjoying Life at Y&R

In a new interview with Michael Fairman for, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Michael Muhney weighs in on his co-stars, his sudden casting and his feelings about playing the manipulative Adam.

I am not homophobic at all. If anything, I will flirt with a tree. [Laughs] To me, it’s fun. I grew up really admiring my mom’s dad, and in German it’s called opa, and that means "grandfather." This man, you would sit down at a restaurant, and he would just love to be charming. He would flirt the pants off of anybody and enjoy that connection. So to me, if I have another person in the room and I have the opportunity to connect with them, as my character or myself, that’s great. I certainly have no walls with that and I don’t think an actor should if playing a part like this. I am glad I am the one playing the part. I don’t want to put any barriers up. If anything, I want to push through some traditional barriers and embrace a large contingent of the audience that is out there, rather than alienate them.

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  1. the character of Adam Newman has equaled Victor Newman! I don't think Y&R will last without a strong counter point with Victor. Jack Abbot is too refined to joust with Victor. I hope a new team of writers can salvage the new characters or Y&R loses me after40+years of watching. Please bring class back to Sharon. She has been a great antagonist to the story lines.