Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wilson Bethel Cast on Y&R

Wilson Bethel, 25, best known for his role as Cpl. Evan 'Q-Tip' Stafford on GENERATION KILL has been cast on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

From this mother's, author Joyce Maynard, website:

My son Will is an actor in L.A. The week before he had been cast in a soap opera, but told me specifically that he did not want me telling my friends about this. Still absorbing the broken ankle, and the rest of it -- and worried, too, that showing up for his new job on the soap opera unable to walk might present problems -- I had mentioned Willy’s new role to one of my friends.

She ran into us in town, as we were running and hopping around. “Great news about the soap opera,” she said. Will shot me a look.

“Didn’t we just talk about this?” he said.

I'm not sure what the role on Y&R is, but this was an interesting read.


  1. My guess is that he's for Chloe, unless it's just a bit part.

  2. Wilson Bethel is a very Talented Young Actor and I will in the end the Viewers will discover as does the other characters that Ryder is being used and played by more than one person, Daisy being one, and who is She anyway? The Baldwin-Fisher Clan have No Right to Pass Judgement toward Ryder anyway. Michael, Kevin, Gloria, Amber, Jana,Phylis and even Lauren are Guilty of have Bad sides or Guilty of Wrong Doings. In the near future I Feel That we will learn that Ryder is not bad at all, but there could be a very EVIL person LURKING in the Shadows of Genoa City, none other than the REAL Sheila Carter(Kimberlin Brown), No the Phylis look alike was an Imposter, Sheila is Very Much ALIVE and Out for Revenge. Not sure how the dots connect but perhaps Ryder is Her Son, or Daisy is Her daughter, but something just tells me that everything is LEADING up to the GRAND reentrance of the MOST EVIL but VERY POPULAR Character of Sheila Carter, played by the VERY TALENTED KIM BROWN! Perhaps We will learn Why She Stole Laurens son so many years ago? What if the Son we thought was Laurens never was her son at all? What if Sheila had Laurens Son and left Him with Tom Fisher? Could Ryder even be Laurens *SON*??? Back to the Talented young Wilson Bethel, he is also such a wonderful person, send him a written fan letter and He will personally send you an 8x10 Color Autographed picture. Yes Will Bethel should and will be Given a Contract with Y&R, He is Far too TALENTED for them to LOOSE!