Thursday, June 18, 2009

News Round-up: Uppal, Gering, Topaz, DeLaria

INTERVIEW: HOLLYOAKS' Stephen Uppal (Ravi)
On how news of Ravi's cerebral aneurysm brings him closer to Kris: "They're both mature men but it really brings them closer together than when they were a couple. When they were together, though, Kris just thought "he's a gorgeous bloke, I'm having a bit of fun here". There was never anything deep and meaningful from his point of view - it was Ravi who ended up falling for Kris, surprisingly enough. But now their relationship's taken to another level because you realise that Kris does genuinely have strong feelings for Ravi as a friend and he does care about his wellbeing and his welfare. There are some really nice moments between them that take Ravi by surprise because after the way they broke up, he's not expecting it."

Naked HOLLYOAKS men bare all for Cosmopolitan
Kent Riley (Zak), Anthony Quinlan (Gilly) and Stephen Uppal (Ravi) are among 21 celebs in the mag’s annual naked centrefolds special, raising awareness of testicular and prostate cancer for the Everyman campaign.

Entertainer Dudu Topaz indicted for attacks on TV execs
One of Israel's most famous entertainers was charged Thursday with hiring thugs to assault top Israeli media executives he blamed for keeping him off the air. A Tel Aviv district court indicted Dudu Topaz on charges including assault and battery, conspiracy to commit a crime, extortion and obstruction of justice. He was ordered to stay in jail until his trial is over.

In 1995, Topaz attacked a TV critic and broke his glasses after he gave a
scathing review of Topaz's show. Topaz was sued and paid the critic about
$20,000 in compensation. He's also gotten in trouble before for kissing a radio reporter against her will, pinching a TV presenter's cheek and biting the arm of a Latin American soap opera star.

Father’s Day with Galen Gering
On see the other actors' children: "We try to limit their exposure to actors and their kids, as they are usually an arrogant bunch of pompous ninnies. No, but seriously, we don't see them often, 'cause we live on the rich side of town. Ha- I'm kidding."

Daytime Meets R&B/Hip Hop: featuring Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige and Rihanna
Njai Joszo writes: "Known for never ending twists, turns and the ever lasting family tree, daytime soaps have long been a staple in television. Dating back to the 1940s, in the United States in particular, soap operas have not only carried through generations as much of a guilty pleasure, they’ve also featured some of R&B music’s most prominent stars. In some cases, soaps have even birthed artists like Lauryn Hill, while also inspiring songs on albums from Aaliyah, B5, and Howard Hewett."

Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Ne Yo Set Soap, Daytime Records
"Somebody might think of Mary J. Blige as a hip-hop artist and then they hear a song on our show that has more of a laid-back R&B feel with emotion in it and it's tied into a couple of characters. All of a sudden, it (the music) is very accessible to them. It's the same thing with Nelly Furtado. She runs the gamut of styles, from hip-hop all the way to laid-back R&B and traditional ballads. I want everyone to enjoy it. We're always trying to balance style," says OLTL's Supervising Music Director Paul Glass.

Taking pride: Lea DeLaria comes back to Belleville for diversity celebration
Lea DeLaria is used to having attention directed her way. After all, the stocky, cocky Belleville native is a multi-talented gay performer who's won accolades worldwide for her talent as a jazz singer, comedienne and actress. So, she was a little perplexed in January when the crew filming her scene for an episode of LAW & ORDER seemed distracted by something happening behind her on the streets of Manhattan.

"That was the day the plane landed on the Hudson. Right behind me. Everyone saw it but me," she said, laughing. "I was facing the camera; they were facing the river. I had to see it later on the monitor!"

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