Sunday, June 7, 2009

News Round-up: Erica Kane, Kieron Richardson, Reboot

AP: Erica Kane becoming TV's ultimate cougar

Erica and Ryan went on a business trip together in episodes early this spring. Their car broke down, they found a cabin in the woods, they drew separate baths and, when Erica climbed on Ryan's shoulders searching for better cell phone reception, she slipped and fell into his arms. Viewers noticed the chemistry and writers decided to capitalize on it. June 22, when he kisses her on the cheek, is the first "butterfly moment," Carruthers said. She believes the story will mean more to viewers than other TV cougar stories simply because it's been nearly 40 years of Lucci's character.

"Everyone watching the show has a sense of her vulnerability, her strength, her eccentricities," she said. "They've gotten to know Ryan just as well. So there's a lot more to it than just, `oh, my God she wants a younger man' or `oh, my God, he wants an older woman."

"Think about this," Lucci said. "I slept with his father. He slept with my daughter. There has to be, at a certain point, (thoughts of) what does he know about me? What does he think he knows about me? As an actor, there's so much material to plumb into."

BBC's quarter of a million pound bill to keep pay secret
A BBC battle to keep the salaries of EASTENDERS, TOP GEAR and NEWSNIGHT stars secret has helped clock up legal bills of almost £250,000. The broadcaster called in highly-paid lawyers to find a loophole to avoid answering the questions under the Freedom of Information Act. It has already spent £41,530 on barristers to keep the costs of the programmes secret and its lawyers have spent 55 days preparing cases to avoid releasing such information.

HOLLYOAKS' Kieron Richardson: I’d love to star in CORONATION STREET
Kieron Richardson wants to work on rival soap CORONATION STREET. The actor, who’s played Ste Hay in HOLLYOAKS since 2006, dreams of turning up in the ITV drama.

"I normally watch CORONATION STREE," he tells Now’s Olivia Bishop. "I’d love to [star in it]. I only watch the episodes of HOLLYOAKS that I’m in. When I first started watching myself I felt sick but now I watch it to see how my acting is."

90210 to 10001: Shannen Doherty's New Zip
Shannen Doherty is asking $4 million for her Malibu 90265 home, it was reported today. The gated, five-bedroom contemporary built in 1976 has ocean views, a long driveway, mature trees, a swimming pool and spa, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Catherine Hickland talks about rebooting
The latest episode Hickland's radio show aired Sunday night on Blogtalk Radio.

Memo to Reality Producers: It's Time to Call Jenny Craig
Jonathan Reiner writes: "If programmers and execs really want to reflect reality, how about acknowledging that Americans live overloaded lives with barely enough time to eat and exercise, let alone devote hours and hours in front of the tube laboriously watching our reality favorites."

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