Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

OTALIA: Rafe finally started to see what the relationship between Olivia and Natalia had become on Friday's GUIDING LIGHT.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Casey remained suspicious of Riley on Friday while Margo continued to defend him.

THE VIEW: ALL MY CHILDREN's Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison were guests on the ABC talker on Friday morning. (Starts at 6:16)

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Hearing about Nick and Sharon's reconciliation on Friday, Noah wasn't happy and later told Eden he wanted to be an emancipated minor. The breakdown and script were from Emmy winner Tom Casiello today.


  1. The name of the show is Guiding Light, not Otalia. I think it's a little insulting to the rest of the show that you are referring to GL as that, when you refer to the other shows by their correct names.

  2. I generally will list a couple name or something specific when one story is addressed in the posted clip. I generally post Otalia-specific clips. I have done the same for Nuke, Scrubs, Liason, etc. Generally we post clips that include multiple stories and that's when we use the show name. I've also used specific quotes when something outstanding happens.

    But not really sure why posting soap clips and trying to promote shows or stories would be insulting to anyone.