Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Donald Trump Buys Wrestling Juggernaut

Donald Trump is now in the wrestling business. From TVGuide.com:

Donald Trump has purchased World Wrestling Entertainment's MONDAY NIGHT RAW, and was quick to announce big and immediate plans for the popular franchise.

Calling Monday Night RAW (which airs on USA Network) "one of the top cable franchises since its launch 17 years ago," Trump said in a statement, "I'm going to do things on the show that have never been done or seen before."

For starters, Trump will reward the program's loyal fans on Monday, June 15, by serving up the first live and commercial-free broadcast in RAW's 838-episode history.

During that landmark outing, Trump will make his first live appearance as the franchise's new owner.

Although the terms of Trump's RAW deal were not disclosed, WWE chairman Vince McMahon said, "This was an offer I couldn't refuse."

Will wrestling get even more soapy? Stay tuned.

- Journalist Michael Fairman on Soaps and Pro Wrestling


  1. Good God. I feel Bad for the whole wrestling Industry with this announcement. Does Trump have to own everything.

  2. And you guys do realize this is probably just a work to draw in more viewers as the ratings of late for Monday Night RAW are on the decline.

    But yep as a regular viewer I'm NOT looking forward to the Trump Era.

  3. This is only a STORYLINE. Vince is not stupid like Telenext Media.

  4. Rake's correct.

    Anyone who this this is the real deal is fooling themselves.

    Recall that Trump's popped up in WWE before...

  5. Yep who can forget the bloody head shaving match at the PPV where everyone knew Trump wasn't going to lose and we were going to see Vince get shaved.

    That's the trouble when trump is involved with wrestling.... it's even more predictable than it normally is.