Wednesday, May 6, 2009

News Round-up: Kristen Alderson, Y&R Wedding, Twitter

Can Facebook and Twitter Save Your Favorite Show?
Although shows like LOST (with its genius viral marketing and online extras) and AMERICAN IDOL (with so many teenage girls’ phone bills through the roof from text messages in support of their favorite singers) prove that audiences can be invested in shows beyond the television screen, “television rankings, the actual viewership during the live broadcast, is still what television executives are paying attention to,” said Josh Bernoff, a television analyst at Forrester Research.

However, as the recession causes an ad-dollar hemorrhage, and as precious young viewers spend their time checking out clips on YouTube instead of the actual tube, execs might want to consider looking beyond numbers for their beloved rankings.

Y&R wedding winners announced today
Mary Riccia of Bellingham and her honey, Mark Hall of Johnston, R.I., are confident their 60-second video re-enactment of their romantic engagement may sway Y&R soapies Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil to choose them from among the 25 finalists.

The winning couple gets a lavish ceremony at the MGM Grand hotel complete with music provided by Cirque du Soleil .

Victoria Rowell helps Toledo celebrate philanthropy
May is National Foster Care Awareness month, and actress Victoria Rowell stressed the importance of philanthropy and charity as she addressed an audience of nearly 300 women last month at The Pinnacle.

She encouraged women to give their time and resources whether is it a few hours, groceries, clothes, transportation, or financial support, but first “Please honor your own health and sanity and remember, an American hero is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk without any recognition or expecting a thank you. Yet, if there is someone who made a difference in your life, be sure to thank them.”

OLTL's Alderson at teen pregnancy conference
At the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy’s conference on Tuesday, panelists and participants said “comprehensive” sex education for teens that includes access to contraception and abortion is needed to reverse a recent up-tick in teenage pregnancies. But some at the event said abstinence should not be overlooked as the only certain way to avoid pregnancy.

Shoket, editor-in-chief at Seventeen magazine and panelist, said just as important as teens having hopes and dreams for their future, they also need a practical way to protect those plans.

“I know in my own personal life, whenever someone says something mean to me and then I go back and tell my mom about it, she says, ‘Well, you should have said this.’ Not every teenage girl has a mom, or a parent or a guardian to say, ‘Well you should have said this,’ so I think that’s really great. I’ve seen that in Seventeen before.”

HOLLYOAKS' Chris Fountain eyes award for exit
"It's going to be the biggest episode of Hollyoaks this year, with some of the most exciting scenes I've ever filmed - it involves a big fire at The Loft, and I'm hoping the episode will be up for a soap award next year."

EASTENDERS star Jake Wood signs new deal
Jake Wood has just signed a new two-year deal with EASTENDERS, and the actor is hoping that his character Max gets back with wife Tanya saying, "He believes Tanya still loves him. I think she does too."

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