News Round-up: June Brown, Kimberly McCullough, DTV

EASTENDERS' legend June Brown on her Bafta nod
“The cast have been lovely. Everyone is almost more pleased than I am cause I’m a grumpy old thing really.”

June has been around showbusiness for too long to get carried away with her nomination for Best TV Actress.

She said: “I don’t believe anything is going to happen until it does, until you see your name on a paper or it actually happens and you have something in your hand. So I don’t get too excited. I have got quite a few awards already in the garage, one of them nearly flattened me. It fell off the cupboard and made a quarter-of-an-inch dent in the floor. So we are quite wary of awards, because they are heavy things.”

Five Minutes with GH's Kimberly McCullough
"I want to see the gradual process of Robin actually getting to be a mother and bond with her child. Jason and I were just on a course with some fans, and this was something that they were really adamant about. TPTB are pretty consistent in thinking the fans don't want to watch happy people, but there needs to be some happiness mixed in with all the angst."

Nielsen: 3.6 Million Households 'Completely Unready' For DTV Transition
That is an improvement of 200,000 households over the past two weeks. As of March 29, 3.8 million were completely unready. Nielsen points out there are "just" nine weeks until the transition. Nielsen said that Albuquerque-Santa Fe remains the least-ready market at 9.13%, while the most-ready is Hartford-New Haven, where, according to Nielsen, everybody is ready (0.00% unready).

ATWT's Nicholas Galbraith part of "Best of Fest"
The New York Musical Theater Festival's "Best of Fest," a one night only benefit concert, will be held Monday, April 20, at 7pm. ATWT's Nicholas Galbraith (Zac) will be among the performers featured.

Lisa Rinna's New Playboy Nudes Make a Statement, Says Husband
"The editors told Lisa that they haven't had photographs in the magazine like this since they had Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts shooting for them," Harry Hamlin tells "So we're very pleased with the way the pictures turned out."

Lisa Rinna Playboy Pics: Not Nude!
After months of gossip websites buzzing about Lisa Rinna posing in Playboy - and numerous quotes from the former soap opera star, defending her 45-year old plastic body - a few photos from the pictorial have been leaked and there's barely any skin in sight.

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  1. Congratulations to June Brown... Finally. :) Anyway, about the whole DTV switch thing... 3.6 million homes still on analog is still too much. There's a whole bunch of unused coupons for the converter boxes. Does that mean the people aren't using what's being given to them?