Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FLASHBACK: This Week in 1992

From the Rocky Mountain News Soap Scene report from this week in 1992:

Although NBC still isn't making any public statements about the proposed DAYS OF OUR LIVES spin-off starring Deidre Hall (Marlena), executive producer Ken Corday tells Soap Opera Weekly the series is being developed into a soap with a definite future. The proposed show would focus on Marlena after she moves to New York City. "She goes to New York with her step-daughter Carrie (Tracy Middendorf) and finds a new life. We see New York through the eyes of a midwesterner," Corday says.

But DAYS viewers who are eager for a companion to their show have to be patient. NBC says it is still backing the low-rated SANTA BARBARA, though it's widely believed that for this spin-off to enter the NBC lineup, SB will have to go.


Cheryl Mason, a 29-year-old single mother who lives in Quincy, Mass., is a longtime fan of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. In her real life she runs a day-care center at home. In her dream life she wants to be a songwriter.

One day she sat down and wrote a song - "Hello Paradise" - which she named after a scene from a few years ago in which Bo (Robert S. Woods) nicknamed Sarah (then Jensen Buchanan) Paradise. Mason recorded the song and dropped it in the mail addressed simply: ONE LIFE TO LIVE, New York, N.Y.

Fast forward to March 1992, when Mason her first visit to New York City, sat in the OLTL control booth and saw her dream come true as "Paradise" became the theme song for Bo and Sarah (now played by Grace Phillips). Mason says she plans to continue to write songs, hoping another will make it to the little screen.


Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle Holden, ONE LIFE TO LIVE - now Jenna on GUIDING LIGHT) got to shop until GL dropped a whole lot at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. She was being outfitted - in $2,000 suits and $5,000 gowns - for her first role as an international jewel thief who becomes involved in Mallet's (Mark Derwin) storyline.

In real life, Fiona's in love and living with John Viscardi (ex-Father Tony, OLTL), though for now there are no marriage plans. She is still legally tied to Sean Dromgoole and, she says, "I've got a messy, horrible situation with my divorce."


Robyn Griggs (Stephanie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is down in the dumps these days. While she was in Poland rehearsing Metro, the Broadway-bound Polish musical, she fell for one of the dancers in the show - Krisztoff, a "European model- type," according to Robyn. But his talents won't be on view in the states because he's staying behind with the Polish version of the show.

"For three weeks we were totally in love," Robyn says forlornly, "and then I had to leave. The last night we sat and cried all night." Before going to Poland, Robyn had broken up with New York Ranger Tie Domi. "Tie had his chance but he blew it big time!" she says.

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