Monday, March 16, 2009

News Round-up: Fillion, BAB AL-HARA, Goldsmith

Nathan Fillion proud of his soap opera roots
Nathan Fillion is proud of his roots, and that includes the sometimes melodramatic, unrealistic and underrated world of soap operas. He played Joey Buchanan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and says his soap opera work was the most challenging — he had to film an episode a day instead of the eight days to shoot one episode of his new series, CASTLE.

"I logged more on camera hours in my first three years of my career on ONE LFIE TO LIVE than I have in the rest of my career put together. That is the most intense, the absolute fastest, working experience for an actor you can possibly imagine . . . it trained me how to be technically proficient. The training I received prepared me for everything I've done since."

KINGS does not find an audience
Only 6 million bothered to check out NBC's newest drama.

California state rep wants to ban loud TV commercials
Rep. Anna G. Eshoo's bill would require the FCC to "prescribe a standard to preclude commercials from being broadcast at louder volumes than the program they accompany."

The television soap opera that has the Arab world agog
Set in the 1930s, when Syria was ruled by France, BAB AL-HARA's storylines are melodramatic, with heavy doses of romance, violence and intrigue as well as loving recreations of contemporary customs, clothes, food and culture. Indoor scenes are shot near Damascus's Ommayad Mosque in lovingly-maintained18th-century houses with inner courtyards, mosaics, lemon trees and pigeons. Mu'taz dispenses traditional Arab herbal medicine when not using his fists or his trademark studded wooden stick to implement the orders of Abu Shehab, the "zaim" or neighbourhood strongman.

See Joe Gallison in Wilmington
Joe Gallison has been added to the list of celebrities for Wilmington's Azalea Festival. Gallison is remembered by daytime fans for roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, WHERE THE HEART IS, RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ANOTHER WORLD.

ATWT's Damian returns next week
A photo of Paolo Seganti posing with co-stars Van Hansis, Noelle Beck and Jon Hensley.

Jason Biggs in new pilot
Former ATWT actor Biggs will be joined by Richard Dreyfuss, playing his father, in CBS' HAPPINESS ISN'T EVERYTHING from Mitch Hurwitz.

Arthur Peterson, radio "superstar"
Arthur Peterson of Mandan became a superstar of daytime radio when the popular series THE GUIDING LIGHT debuted on NBC on Jan. 25, 1937.

Peterson played the lead role of the widowed Rev. John Ruthledge, who ministered to his congregation at the Church of the Good Samaritan in Five Points, Ill. The “guiding light” referred to a lamp Ruthledge had in his study that always remained lit for his parishioners and anyone seeking comfort.

The show originated in Chicago. When producers moved the location to Los Angeles in 1946, Peterson resigned to remain in Chicago. He also played lead roles in other daytime serials, such as BACHELOR'S CHILDREN, GIRL ALONE and THE STORY OF MARY MARLIN.

10 primetime actresses hiding baby bumps
At least ten women from primetime series are all expecting bundles of joy, but in most cases, you wouldn’t know it. Primetime prop managers are being put to work covering up the blooming baby bumps of stars including Kelly Rutherford and Rachel Griffiths.

Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr., a TV Technology Pioneer, Dies at 99
Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr., a pioneer of television technology who with his boss, Allen B. DuMont, and others in the nascent industry perfected the cathode ray tube that eventually let little wooden boxes with grainy black-and-white screens bring moving images into millions of homes, died on March 5 at his home in Lacey, Wash. He was 99.

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