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Why Hulu Is Winning The Online Video Race
Unlike YouTube, Hulu had legal access to great content—shows from NBC, Fox and others. And it had great technology—a clean, simple user interface and a smart search engine.

YouTube has lots of content, but from the perspective of advertisers much of it is utterly worthless. Nobody wants to tout their brand amid user-generated videos that could turn out to be almost anything, Arash Amel, analyst for researcher Screen Digest, says. He reckons that only 3 to 4 percent of the clips in YouTube's library are able to carry advertising, while at Hulu 100 percent of the library can carry advertising and 80 percent of the streams Hulu delivers have advertising attached.

Slumdog and soaps in India
An excerpt from an interesting Letter to the Editor in the Stabroek News today: "Robin Muneshwer (Sunday Stabroek Feb. 22) writes about the non-acceptance of Indians of the movie Slumdog Millionaire because of 'its overly negative portrayal of India and Indians, embarrassed perhaps, that the world should discover that India, home to a million gods, has crime and corruption and poverty.' He further stated that: 'For them, India is best represented by shows like KASAMH SE where everyone is rich and fair-skinned.' Some of the main characters of KASAMH SE—Jigyasa is very dark in complexion; Jai Walia, the star is not 'fair-skinned' and so is Piya, just so you know. But to say that soaps like KASAMH SE are true representations of life in India is like saying that DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are true representations of the American way of life."

"I do still continue to tune in now and then. I also get great fan letters that fill me in on what the Marah character has developed into over the years. I'm honored to have been a part of Marah's origins."

GREY's shocker: McDreamy quits?
In a preview of the March 12 episode, ABC reveals that Derek is quitting Seattle Grace.

DIRTY SEXY Tamara Feldman land GOSSIP GIRL role
Tamara Feldman is joining the cast of GOSSIP for a four-episode arc as a Gotham socialite.

Minka Kelly Dishes on Her 'Bubble Butt' – and Love of Eating
"I never really took the idea of me being a model seriously, because I never thought that I had the body for it," the star of NBC's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS tells the March issue of Health, on newsstands today. "I'm five-feet-five, and I have a bubble butt and pretty big thighs. So I learned quickly just to be happy with what I've got."

ARMY WIVES renewed for fourth season
ARMY WIVES has been Lifetime's most successful series to date, with the second season finale giving the network its highest ratings ever in the 18-34 demo. The series is also cable's most watched drama among women 18-49, a demo the network has been trying hard to attract as it seeks to shift its demos younger.

Pippy a regular on ARMY WIVES
Katelyn Pippy has become a series regular on Lifetime's ARMY WIVES. She recurred as the daughter of Kim Delaney's character last season.

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