Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: The Year In Review

I've been asked recently to create a guide to catch up on the stories of my radio soap/podcast, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES, to make easier for new fans to tune in. I figured the best approach would be to recap the events of 2008 and set the table for what is coming in 2009.

2008 Synopsis
The year started with Sam Zegas receiving mysterious phone calls. It turned out the person calling him was Angie Cartwright, a scorned ex-lover. Angie (Sara Maraffino) moved to New York and began taunting Sam with information about his past he supposedly would not want anyone to know. She then went out of her way to meet Mack (as Angela) and get close to him to get information on Sam. Sam went ballistic when he found out, but was afraid of what Angie might tell Mack if he revealed the truth. Sam's life got even more complicated when a scumbag lawyer (Tristan Rogers) showed up and tried to blackmail him on behalf of a seventeen year old girl Sam had sex with. Even Sam's sex therapist (Jill Larson) couldn't help him. His relationship with his parents (Kale Browne, Anna Holbrook) remained strained so he felt he had no one to turn to. He continued to grow closer to Stacey, much to Bobby's chagrin, and which ultimately split up Bobby and Stacey's relationship.

By the end of the year, Bobby and Stacey both were dealing with issues with their parents. Bobby's father (Mark Arnold) came to New York and Bobby found out he was having an affair. Stacey's father (Gerald Hopkins) summoned her to visit him in prison and begged her to testify on his behalf at his parole hearing. Stacey's mother, Rosalyn (Lisa Wilcox), returned to New York but Stacey wanted nothing to do with her. Rosalyn brought her doctor and lover, Pierre (Sean Kanan), with her but did not want Stacey to know the real reason she's been gone, she's dying of a rare blood disease.

Hannah and Dylan continued to struggle to be together. Hannah's digging into Jackson's past was the last straw for Dylan who broke things off with her. Jackson was angry with Hannah as well, but eventually forgave her and helped her land another Endicott Software commercial. At the same time, Henry's uncle Stu began blackmailing Jackson with information about his past.

Perry went on a downward spiral this year after learning Adriana was his mother, Zack was his father, and Zoey was his sister. Despite Rex's best efforts, Perry pulled away from him and began drinking. When Zack was shot following a convenience store robbery, Zoey begged Rex to allow Gregory to come to the hospital to see him, but Rex refused. Perry continued to insist he didn't want his biological family to know the truth even though Zack fell into a coma and may not survive.

Blake hired a new Features Manager at Manhattan Monthly, Casey Sanders. Casey (Tom Baran) moved to New York from Los Angeles with a lot of baggage including nightmares and unwanted phone calls. The mysterious man from his past made his way to Manhattan by the end of the year.

Matt returned to New York and grew close to Blake again, much to Henry's (Jack Finigan Davis) dismay. Henry admitted to Emmett that he knew Matt was alive and well long before anyone else and swore him to secrecy. When Henry intentionally did not tell Blake about a call from Matt, Blake was furious and Matt decided to leave town. At the airport, Matt ran into Blake's sister, Teri Dean (Anne Sayre) who was in town for a visit. Teri convinced Matt to stay and see Blake again. Eventually Matt went back to Erie and Henry smoothed things over with Blake. Meanwhile, a cad from Teri's past in France, Joseph Channing (Brody Hutzler), showed up in New York to win her back, but she wasn't interested.

Emmett met a guy on Craigslist and Henry convinced him to go out with him. Unfortunately, the man raped Emmett on their first encounter, leaving Emmett distraught and feeling alone. Henry insisted Emmett go to the hospital and call the police but Emmett refused.

Anne Sayre (Teri Dean)
Kale Browne (Alan Zegas)
Sara Maraffino (Angie Cartwright)
Jack Finigan Davis (Henry Adler)
Tom Baran (Casey Sanders)

Tristan Rogers (Garfield Merriweather)
Brody Hutzler (Joseph Channing)
Anna Holbrook (Maggie Zegas)
Sean Kanan (Pierre)
Lisa Wilcox (Rosalyn Gamage)
Mark Arnold (Robert Tucker)
Gerald Hopkins (Richard Gamage)
Cordelia Wexler (Jill Larson)

Episode #860 September 29, 2008 - Sam brings Stacey to his parent's house for dinner.

Episode #865 October 10, 2008 - Joseph tries to make amends with Teri.

Matt returns to New York when Blake names him as the new Music Editor at Manhattan Monthly. Casey struggles with his past and finds out things are worse than he thought. Sam's life crumbles when the truth about his sex addiction is revealed. Teri's life becomes more complicated when the identity of the man she's having an affair with comes to light.

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