Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nancy Lee Grahn's Chat For Obama

Here are some of the highlights of the chat held at earlier tonight. Many of the actresses are still online so head over there and post your thoughts.

"Clearly the thing that troubles me the most is that both McCain and Palin believe that there should be abstinence only education. This means that education of young men and woman about STDS including HIV and AIDS in schools would be thrown out the window. Because Barack wants to empower women not only at home and globally, I believe Obama would be the best champion in the fights against AIDs." - Kimberly McCullough

"I think that people respond to a familiar face and it is incubent upon us in the entertainment industry to use our familiarity with the audience to give a voice to issues that the average voter would not ordinarily pay attention to." - Jane Elliot

"I went to Ohio last weekend to visit my son in college and and I volunteered to go on the road because Ohio is a batteground state and I wanted to do something. Even though you may think that one person can't possibly make a difference and it may be hard to throw yourself out there, I would have to say I'm glad I did it. I met amazing people and I registered 25 people to vote and it didn't matter how they were going to vote, I was proud to have helped people become involved in this political process. If I can say one thing, it's to become involved in whatever capacity you can." - Mary Beth Evans

"As for soaps, and I say this with love, but they tend to more concerned about offending less people so they tend to not take sides and ride the middle on most issues which unfortunately makes it a lot less compelling." - Nancy Lee Grahn

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