Monday, September 15, 2008

News Brief

LYNN LICCARDO: The Great American Soap Opera Writ Large
"...this year, the Democratic campaign for president was a soap opera in the very best sense of soap opera as a noun. The events that led up to the Democratic Convention contained all of the elements that used to make soaps great - if what makes soaps great is anticipation, the event itself and watching the aftermath unfold. The sad reality is that soaps could learn a lot about compelling drama from what unfolded in Denver in late August."

Former B&B actor Kabir Bedi on soaps
"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL was a fascinating experience, not only because I was paired with the astonishingly beautiful Hunter Tylo, with whom I had earlier done a TV series called MAHARAJA'S DAUGHTER, but also because of the way the entire project moved. For one, it re-introduced me to large segments of the American audience. It is interesting that different people in different countries know me in different ways and whenever someone on the street stops me for an autograph, I invariably ask from which part of the world the person is. In India, I am a film star. The Italian, Spanish and German know me from Sandokan. In America, it is GENERAL HOSPITAL. Amazing!

The soaps are truly the hardest form of acting. It is like doing theatre with just one rehearsal! In terms of speed and footage canned, we are talking half an hour edited per day. In a film-set, three minutes is considered a good day!"

Renèe Elise Goldsberry on her blind storyline and "Rent"
Renèe said that the [ONE LIFE TO LIVE] writers got sick of her doing dialogue while "looking off in the distance." [so they brought on a doctor character to restore her vision. He happened to be played by director Michael Greif's partner, and he told Renèe that Michael was a big fan of hers and would love to work with her one day. She revealed to us that she's "musical theatre illiterate," so she had no idea that Michael was the "Rent" director. All she knew was that he was a big, respected director so she hauled out the ol' "It would be such an honor etc.." A short time later she got a call offering her Mimi! However, she couldn't do it because of schedule conflicts and, here's where the "it's meant to be" part comes, by the time she could do it, it was for the final company, so she got to be in the film!

Take Me Home to Pine Valley

"Pine Valley is rife with action and plots, yet there’s no real feeling of community, which is what I always loved about the show."

Christie Clark Barnes Thankful for Her Easygoing Baby
Christie Clark Barnes' role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES kept her pretty busy in the past, but she's learning that it doesn't compare to how active (and tiring!) her daughter Hannah Bella, 6 months, would be. Sharing on her blog that "that acting job was a piece of cake, compared to motherhood," the 34-year-old new mom writes that "I'm like a chicken with my head cut off, try[ing] to manage my time."

Luckily, Hannah is "a very easygoing baby, all smiles and giggles at the moment," Christie explains, even though she's in the middle of some painful milestones -- teeth! "Her first pearly whites are popping through the skin," writes the proud mom, "and even then [Hannah] is very chill!"

Hannah's dad is Christie's husband of six years, Thomas Barnes.

PAGE SIX: 90210 girl gone wild?
There's a new bad girl on 90210, and it's not Brenda Walsh, played by Shannen Doherty, who ruled as the show's queen of mean during its first incarnation. Doherty has since cleaned up her tough act, but the new CW show's newbie, Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie Wilson, isn't taking cues from her tamed-down predecessor. Show sources told Page Six that Grimes was "tormenting everyone on set" and "acts rude to the cast, crew and extras." Our insider told us Grimes even once yelled at an unassuming guest star, "Who the hell are you?" and often spits out comments like "This is my show - everyone else is riding my coattails." In fact, the original series' divas are carrying the show. Ratings plummeted from 4.9 million viewers in the first week to 3.2 million in the second week when Doherty was absent from the episode. Reps for Doherty and Grimes had no comment.

Buena Vista Hires Stone As Development VP
Buena Vista Productions has tapped David Stone as vice president of development. In his new role, Stone, who most recently had been serving as head of development for Rocket Science Laboratories, will help create programming in all genres of non-scripted programming including talk, game, reality and others for primetime, cable and first-run syndication. Stone will also focus on developing for ABC-Disney internal partners including SoapNet. His career has included a stint as producer for NBC Daytime Online, where he created cross-platform campaigns for DAYS OF OUR LIVES and PASSIONS.

ex-B&B star Mario Lopez: No More Going Shirtless
"My shirtless photo-shoot days are behind me," Mario Lopez tells PEOPLE in a bitter blow to beefcake. "My TV projects are my main priority," he says. "And no, you will never see me host Extra without a shirt."

Q&A: SORDID LIVES' Caroline Rhea
"I have to say that the 70s [game shows] were my favorites. Partly because they seemed like they were having more fun. And partly because the new game shows are less about the fun and more about raising your heart rate at home. That, I don't like. It's just too much tension."

INTERVIEW: Bob Guiney & Eden Riegel
Bob Guiney and Eden Riegel were guests on "Satrdish Radio" and dished about their new cooking show COOKING TO GET LUCKY.

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