Thursday, November 8, 2007

Top 10 Soap Newcomers of 2007

After careful consideration, We Love Soaps is naming the "Top Soap Newcomers of 2007". Remember, this is judging the actors and their impact and potential. Some of the characters leave a lot to be desired. Do you agree with our list?

10. Dylan Bruce (Chris, "As The World Turns") - A welcome addition to the ATWT as Bob and Kim's wayward son, Bruce brings just the right amount of sex appeal and cockiness to the role.
9. Kristen Renton (Morgan, "Days of our Lives") - Renton gets the nod for making Morgan stand out in the DAYS teen scene.

8. Stacy Haiduk (Hannah, "All My Children") - Haiduk is a bright spot on AMC these days and holds her own in scenes with Michael E. Knight and David Canary.
7. Jake Silbermann (Noah, "As The World Turns") - Silbermann can be uneven but has stood out in the gay teen love story that has generated international buzz.

6. Megan Ward (Kate, "General Hospital") - Ward has made Maurice Benard more interesting. She deserves an award for that.
5. Brandon Barash (Johnny, "General Hospital") - Barash fits well in Port Charles and shows a lot of potential for the future.

4. Charlie Koznick (Christian, "Coastal Dreams") - Koznick oozes sex appeal and makes the mysterious Christian must-see-TV internet.
3. Billy Miller (Richie, "All My Children") - Miller is the best casting on AMC in a long time.

2. Chris Heuisler (Cole, "As The World Turns") - Heuisler plays a rather useless character on ATWT but he continues to shine with his edgy portrayal.
1. John Brotherton (Jared, "One Life to Live") - Brotherton is a breakout star in the making.


  1. I liked Cole a lot. Hopefully he comes back with a more "useful" role.

  2. I agree with most of your choices. Thank you for including Charlie Koznick. I am glad someone else has noticed him besides me. I'm also a big fan of John Brotherton and Megan Ward.

  3. I'm not a fan of Cole. There's just something about the way the role is played that I'm not too fond of. Oh well, each to their own :)

  4. I would have ranked Jake Silbermann higher on the list. Luke and Noah are the reason I started watching As The World Turns.

  5. I like the list as well but I also would have ranked Jake Silbermann higher. He's so good as Noah.

  6. I think Jake Silbermann has done a great job with the wildly emotional but until recently, closeted Noah. The writers have given his character more emotional depth than most of their male leads. Kudos for the actor for being able to keep up!

  7. I like the choices, but would have includes both Bradford Anderson and Carolyn Hennesy from GH. Both have added much needed humor to that show. Jake Silbermann deserved to be ranked above Chris Hueslier. Jake has the much tougher role, and has carried it off very well.the writing for noah has been uneven, but Jake brings the emotional depth to the words in every scene.