Jacqueline Courtney Has Passed Away

Soap Opera Digest has reported that beloved soap star Jacqueline Courtney (born Sharon Courtney) has passed away of metastatic melanoma at age 64.  Courtney was half of the iconic coupling of Alice and Steve (George Reinholt) on ANOTHER WORLD and played the role from 1964-1975, and again from 1984-1985. After ANOTHER WORLD, Courtney starred as the popular character of Pat Ashley on ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 1975-1983.  She retired from acting in 1987 after making a brief appearance on LOVING but did appear on ANOTHER WORLD's 25th Anniversary Week of episodes in 1989. She also returned a month later for Mac's funeral, her final appearance.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV mourns this great loss, and wish the very best to her family and friends. 

Courtney appeared in 1994 in a special CBS tribute to daytime drama's first 50 years.  Enjoy this clip of her work on ANOTHER WORLD and reunion with George Reinholt.


  1. Very sad, but thanks for the loving tribute.

  2. Wow - any soap fan who came of age in the 70s has a favorite Alice moment.

    She did so much for AW, the industry and the fans...she will never be forgotten.

  3. Wow! I was a fan of AW up until the sad end in 1999. I loved the pairing of Steve and Alice. My condolences to the family.

  4. The term "Supercouple" has a picture of Steve & Alice next to it in the dictionary. Ms. Courtney's portrayal of Alice was so defining that no one who followed her in the role was ever heard from again. It is a shame that she quit acting after twenty years almost continuously on TV. I only hope the past twenty have been good and peaceful for her. Farewell to a true lady.

  5. My cousin spent the last 20 years caring for her (now 90) year old mother, who has Alzheimer's. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers.

    Nancy Albino

  6. "Everyone we love stays with us, if we let them...."
    --Alice, to Rachel, after Mac's funeral (AW, 1989)
    (Jacqueline's final AW scene)

  7. sadly, this is the passing of yet another beloved soap star from the 70's and 80's when P&G soaps ruled daytime. RIP.

  8. I was just a child of about 09-10 years, but I loved her, even had soap digest pics hung on my bedroom walls! I thought she was the prettiest woman on daytime TV. Rest in peace lovely lady. I'll never forget u'r beautiful face! From: Kattzgirl


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