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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brely Evans Recommends You have a Glass of Wine and a Fan When Watching 'Ambitions'

We are only one day from the premiere the most anticipated new series of the summer, the Jamey Giddens-penned Ambitions. Brely Evans stars as Rondell Lancaster, the sister of Atlanta Mayor Evan Lancaster (Brian J. White) and manager of the Thelma's Place restaurant. As the new face of an anti-gentrification campaign, she never thought would become a crusader for the people, but it's a badge she wears with pride – and nobody is removing it.

Check out what Evans had to say when We Love Soaps traveled to the set in Atlanta back in April.

WE LOVE SOAPS: What was your first reaction when you read the script for Ambitions?
BRELY EVANS: When I read the audition sides I thought to myself, “I know her,” because she’s me. She’s outspoken and not afraid to have an opinion. She really doesn’t give a f*** if someone has something opposing to say. She really stands for the people and I’m coming from the “greater good” so “I’m right.” I have that fire in me too when it comes to my love for people. I couldn’t believe how I related to her so quickly.

As we get scripts for our scenes--one day I was standing up on my kitchen counter reading and my knees got weaker and weaker to where I found myself eye level with the counter going “oh my god!” That’s how exciting it is to find out what’s happening with Bella and Evan and my character and my suitors. Yeah, it’s so friggin' juicy! You should see our table reads.

WE LOVE SOAPS: What kind of drama are we going to see when it comes to marriages and personal relationships?
BRELY EVANS: It’s so fantastic because you don’t usually get to see a strong woman who is outspoken and can have a man come and “calm that.” Just the sexiness of a “gentle man” in every sense of the word that can come and calm that raging fire. Just have a glass of wine and a fan next to you when you’re watching Ambitions [laughs].

WE LOVE SOAPS: What has been the most memorable moment so far on set off screen?
BRELY EVANS: I’m having a good time holding this one’s (Erica Page) hand because this is our second series regular together. [Note: Evans starred with Erica Page, who plays Bella, on Last Call.] Our first show together we just met and we were so excited. We’re blown away. How are we on different two networks at the same time?! What is this energy?! But we’re going to keep going [laughs].

I’m a really big fan of Robin Givens [plays Stephanie Lancaster] and Brian White. It’s so crazy to be this close to these superstars. I’m like “oh my god” is this really happening?!

WE LOVE SOAPS: What is it like working for the OWN network?
BRELY EVANS: I will say it’s pretty top notch. I mean for god sakes we’re on Tyler Perry’s lot and we eat good every single day [laughs]. Today was nice but we have come out before and there has been steak lobster and shrimp. We get treated really well and what’s really cool is that Will Packer shows his face on set. He’s here, conversing with us, talking about characters, about marketing, and he’s finding out what we’re doing social media wise. We’re being treated amazing. Even if we have a question or an idea for a character, we feel comfortable enough to go to our writers and our showrunner and voice our opinion. Working in this environment thus far has been stellar. I can’t imagine having anything less after this. I feel so spoiled [laughs].

WE LOVE SOAPS: How would you describe this season to audiences? Why is this a must-watch show?
BRELY EVANS: During a promo Robin said something like, "the Atlanta Housewives--some of them may be desperate but none of them are queens" [laughs]. That even pulled me in! It has a real life feeling to it and then it’s over the top so you’re definitely going to see those moments. It’s a mix of all these things that you love about different shows. It’s going to be one of those “goodies”--I shouldn’t be watching this--a guilty pleasure [laughs].

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lovers, competitors, enemies, traitors, scandal—and that's just for starters! Don't miss the premiere of Ambitions on Tuesday, June 18 at 10 p.m. ET, only on OWN. Check out the Ambitions trailer below.

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