Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Only a Queen Can Sit on the Throne: Check out Robin Givens as Stephanie in a New 'Ambitions' Teaser

We are only two months away from the premiere of Ambitions, the much-anticipated primetime soap opera created by Indie Series Award nominated writer Jamey Giddens (The Rich and the Ruthless). Ambitions is a multigenerational family saga centered around one woman who, having recently relocated and intent on revitalizing her marriage, finds herself going head to head with some of the most powerful and deceitful players in the city.

Riverdale's Robin Givens leads the ensemble cast. She plays Stephanie Carlisle, the wife of Atlanta Mayor Evan Lancaster (Brian White), whose true loyalty is to her own family's prestigious law firm, where she is the latest in a long line of distinguished lawyers. Stephanie desperately wants to be in charge of the Carlisle family law firm and quietly fumes about her father Stephen’s condescending assertion that she’s simply not ready yet.

Catch a sneak peek of Queen Stephanie in a new teaser video below.

Rounding out the series regular cast are Essence Atkins, Kendrick Cross, Brely Evans and Erica Page.

Ambitions is produced by Will Packer Media in association with Lionsgate and Lionsgate-owned distributor Debmar-Mercury. Packer is executive producer. Kevin Arkadie is executive producer/showrunner. Writer Jamey Giddens and Will Packer Media's Sheila Ducksworth also serve as executive producers.

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