Sunday, July 15, 2018

Wife of Late 'Guiding Light' Star Tom O'Rourke Releases Book About Years of Cheating, Reconnecting After His Death

In April, Marcy O'Rourke, the longtime wife of former Guiding Light star Thomas O'Rourke released a book about his life, "Bedeviled: The Strange Life and Death of Actor Tom O'Rourke".

According to the book, O’Rourke led a double life, secretly cheating on his wife for 35 years. He was a wonderful husband and father, who told himself everybody cheats, but in fact, he had a sex problem that destroyed his career, his happiness, and finally took his life. When he passed away, he could not rest in peace, so he came back to confess his true story the only way he could: paranormally.

O'Rourke starred on Guiding Light from 1977 to 1983 as Dr. Justin Marler, the biological father of Phillip Spaulding and Ross Marler's brother. He died on September 13, 2009, during the final week Guiding Light was on the air.

"This is the true story of the lies, false hopes and suffering of a cheater that had to be told so Tom could rest in peace," Ms. O'Rourke writes in the prologue of the book. "It's so astonishing, it sounds like ficiton, but it's all absolutely true."

Check it out on Amazon here.

Watch some highlights of O'Rourke on Guiding Light below.

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