Saturday, June 30, 2018

'General Hospital' Spoilers (July 2-6, 2018)

George Hamilton guest stars on Friday, July 6 as KFC's The Colonel.
Photo Credit: Michael Yada/ABC
Spoiler alert! What's happening on General Hospital during the week of July 2-6, 2018? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out.

Monday, July 2
Michael surprises Nelle; Sonny gets positive news; Chase comes clean; Peter cautions Obrecht; Maxie feels conflicted.

Sam is surprised Maxie is asking for an update on Peter. "I thought you were hoping Peter had vanished," says Sam. "Do you really want him found?"

Tuesday, July 3
Nelle turns on the charm; Sonny reassures Carly; Franco's fears are assuaged; Julian opens up to Kim; Josslyn looks to make amends.

Wednesday, July 4 (Independence Day)
ABC is airing an encore episode from January 17, 2018. Julian offers his support; Sonny receives a mysterious text message; Kiki is a bundle of nerves; Franco looks to repay a favor; Griffin offers words of encouragement.

Thursday, July 5
Julian looks to expand; Sonny gets word from an old friend; Franco has a heart to heart with Scott; Sam makes a clean break; Kim has a talk with Oscar.

Friday, July 6
Jason assures Sonny; Nelle's appointment is delayed; Micheal offers a solution; Kiki is relieved; Maxie gets a surprise visit; Peter gets a glimmer of hope.

George Hamilton will be paying a visit to Port Charles as KFC's "The Colonel" for National Fried Chicken Day. KFC has been tweeting about GH over the past week in a cross-promotion for its new Pickle Fried Chicken

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