Sunday, May 13, 2018

'Days of our Lives' Spoilers (May 14-18, 2018)

What happens next on Days of our Lives? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below for the week of May 14-18 to find out.

Monday, May 14
Victor tries to persuade Brady not to marry Eve by tempting him with an intriguing offer; Leo learns he has a surprising new boss; Theresa faces an old adversary; Lucas asks Paul to help him find Chloe.

Tuesday, May 15
Theresa makes a deal with the devil for her freedom; JJ and Eve have an unexpected encounter; Steve secretly asks Roman for a favor; inspired by Brady and Eve, John makes a suggestion to Marlena.

Wednesday, May 16
Abigail argues against Justin's legal advice; Stefan and Kate face off; Justin and Rafe have good news for Gabi, who's still troubled by Abigail's actions; Marlena and John make a decision about their future.

Thursday, May 17
Gabi inadvertently drops a bomb on Abigail; Chad and Stefan have a violent encounter; Rafe finally decides to grant Hope her wish; Leo lures Sonny deeper into his trap.

Friday, May 18
Abigail angrily confronts Stefan; Xander brings Theresa back to Salem; John and Marlena make wedding plans; Kayla and Steve learn there may be a chance for Steve to get his eyesight back.

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