Sunday, February 4, 2018

'General Hospital' Spoilers (February 5-9, 2018)

What's happening on General Hospital during the week of February 5-9, 2018? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out.

Monday, February 5
Sam confesses; Ava can't help herself; Carly warns Jason not to give up; Michael is grateful; Franco confides in Kevin.

Tuesday, February 6
Curtis and Jordan team up; Alexis and Finn bond; Julian is pestered; Anna continues her investigation; Robin reads between the lines.

Wednesday, February 7
Peter bumps into Lulu; Alexis turns to Sam for help; Ned's words are impactful; Julian declines an offer; Jim Harvey continues to make waves.

Thursday, February 8
Anna is in denial; Drew pushes back; Sam asks for a favor; Carly vents her frustrations; Drew is troubled.

Friday, February 9
Valentin stays by Nina's side; Franco has a moment with Obrecht; Peter's curiosity is piqued; Dante offers his support; Lulu is stunned.

- Soap of the Week Poll (January 29-February 2, 2018)

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