Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Watch the Season 2 Premiere of 'Giants'

One of the best drama series of 2017, James Bland's Giants, kicked off Season 2 today with a fantastic new episode.

When Journee's (Vanessa Baden Kelly) mental illness becomes too much for her sister (guest star Alesha Reneé, The Rich and the Ruthless), she is forced to crash with her best friend Malachi (Bland), a sex worker, who has already over-stayed his welcome with Ade (Sean Samuels) — his closeted gay buddy who is secretly in love with him. Can the three of them coexist in a tiny one bedroom apartment while facing their individual crises?

Giants was recently nominated for six Indie Series Awards, and Season 2 looks to be even bigger and better. If you're looking for a new continuing drama to invest in, Giants could be the show for you. Watch the premiere below.

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