Thursday, July 6, 2017

Daytime Alums Lauren B. Martin, Monti Sharp & Kim Brockington Join Digital Soap 'Asunder'

Upcoming digital soap opera Asunder starts production in New York in late August. On Wednesday, the Landra V. Phillips series revealed its cast, which includes former daytime drama stars Monti Sharp, Kim Brockington and Lauren B. Martin.

Daytime Emmy winner Monti Sharp, who took on the role of the very mysterious and complex character David Grant in Guiding Light from 1992-1995, is set to star as another uniquely complex character, Thomas Chandler. Kim Brockington, who played psychiatrist Felicia Boudreau on Guiding Light from 2002-2008, will be taking on the role of sassy matriarch Adele Chandler, Thomas Chandler's wife. Indie Series Award nominee Lauren B. Martin, who took on the role of the very loving yet vulnerable Camille Bennett on As the World Turns from 1997-2000, is set to co-star as antagonist Serena Hanes. Martin will be reunited with Sharp, who also played the role of ATWT s Lewis McCloud, Camille's overly obsessed ex-boyfriend. Another ISA nominee, Tony D. Head, will play Austin, the patriarch of the Blair family.

"I feel excited about collaborating with this new generation of filmmakers and storytellers," says Sharp. "There are so many possibilities in the digital realm. The digital soap opera exists now in what is still largely uncharted territory, and I am honored to be included in the process of forging new paths to success for the genre. The whole process of making a soap opera has changed so much since I was last on a soap set. It will be interesting and challenging for me to adapt and further expand my own abilities, while getting to know a whole new community of viewers and audience members."

Brockington is looking forward to working with Monti Sharp, who she deems, “a very gifted actor”.

"I am so thrilled with this opportunity to portray Adele Chandler, Brockington adds. The role seems tailor made for me! Adele is a really well written juicy complicated woman. I can’t wait to bring her to life."

Martin is excited about taking on this new role.

“The name alone gets me going," Martin reveals. "It’s going to be fun to play a character with a back story and show all the colors of Serena. If one is an antagonist, there are reasons either manifested or based on truth."

On her impending reunions with Monti Sharp and Tony Head (from Pride) she states, “I am going to squeeze Monti so tight I will cry. I’m such a crier. Tony is a class act, and such a gentleman. I always feel great in his presence. They are both tremendous actors.”

Asunder is the creation of up and coming writer, director, producer, and actress Landra V. Phillips. Phillips is CEO of Six Feet High Productions LLC, a boutique film and theater production company based in New York City. A drama and theater teacher for 12 years with the New York City Department of Education, Ms. Phillips has always had a passion for soap operas.

Phillips says, “In 1981 there were 15 daytime soap operas on the air, and today there are only four. The soap world has been cast as a dying genre, but as a lover of episodic and serial dramatic storytelling, I wanted to create a digital series that pays homage to the traditional soap opera medium, but has the ability to garner a new generation of viewers as independent soap operas have transitioned to the World Wide Web.”

Asunder follows the affluent yet dysfunctional Chandler family who owns Chandler Parfums and Cosmetics Corporation in New York City. The Chandlers are always trying to stay one step ahead of their arch enemies the Blair family, who own Blair Natural Fragrances Ltd.

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