Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jared Martin Dead at 75

Jared Martin, who became a fan favorite with his portrayal of cowboy Dusty Farlow on the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas, died on May 24. He was 75.

Martin passed away at his Philadelphia home after battling pancreatic cancer for over a year, said his wife, Yu Wei.

On Dallas, Martin played a rancher who was the lover of Sue Ellen Ewing, portrayed by Linda Gray.

"Rest In Peace dear Jared Martin," Gray tweeted Friday. "I have such beautiful memories of working with you as Dusty Farlow on Dallas."

His character was also a suspect in the 1980 series cliffhanger that left the world wondering who shot ornery oilman J.R. Ewing. The catchphrase “Who shot J.R.?” became part of the common vernacular as viewers waited to find out who had fired on him.

When viewers tuned in for the answer on November 21, 1980, the shooter was revealed to be J.R.'s vengeful mistress and sister-in-law, Kristen Shepard. That episode was seen by more people than any program in TV history until that time.

Farlow's Dusty was supposed to be a temporary character on the show, and supposedly died in a plane crash, but he proved so popular that he was reintroduced. Fans called him "Lusty Dusty."

Martin was the son of New Yorker cartoonist Charles E. Martin. He roomed with film director Brian De Palma when the two attended Columbia University in the 1960s.

In addition to Dallas, he appeared in a number of popular TV shows including the 1973 version of Westworld, plus episodes of The Love Boat, Magnum P.I., L.A.
and Murder, She Wrote. He also appeared as Dr. Donald Lamarr on ABC daytime drama One Life to Live in the late 1980s.

Most recently, he directed a 2013 movie, The Congressman, starring Treat Williams.

After retiring from acting, Martin co–founded and served as creative director of the Big Picture Alliance, a nonprofit group that introduces inner-city kids to the art of filmmaking, and worked as a professional painter and photographer.

And just last year, Martin co-directed the feature film The Congressman, starring Treat Williams.

His son Christian is general manager for video at SiriusXM, and his wife is Liz Cole, an executive producer at Dateline NBC.

Martin's survivors also include his wife, Yu Wei, whom he married in 2000, and grandchildren Charlie and Emilia.

Check out a scene from Dallas between Jared Martin and Linda Gray below.

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