Saturday, April 22, 2017

Daytime Emmy Profile: Monica Horan Nominated for Outstanding Guest Star, 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

A memorable guest star spot as a "tacky tourist" turned into a recurring role for funny lady Monica Horan. Best known for her 9 years playing 'Amy' on the smash hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Monica has become an accidental soap star along with a first Daytime Emmy nominee. She and I have been close friends since meeting in college back in 1981 and will be spending the day of the Awards (April 30) performing together in Philadelphia with my cabaret show, "Full Circle." (Previous Guest Stars for the NYC production included Broadway/soap stars Anita Gillette and Shelly Burch)

Monica and I will actually be onstage at The Rrazz Room at the Prince when the trophies are being handed out in Los Angeles, so I thought I'd give you a chance to get to know my lifelong pal and how she feels about her work in the soap world.

NELSON ASPEN: How did the role on The Bold and the Beautiful come about?
MONICA HORAN: My character, Kieran Cannistra, was named for an actual B&B fan through a contest. I got a call with an offer to do this part and when I read the script, it was hilarious. And I knew there was an offer out to Jim O'Heir from Parks and Recreation to play my husband. It was exactly the kind of comedy I so love to do. Right up my alley. When I got to the set, I met this adorable producer (Mark Pinciotti) who told me it was his idea to cast us because they envisioned the characters as being like the ones we'd played on sitcoms, so why not just cast US!?

NA: What was the experience like of working on a soap? How is it different from other gigs you have done?
MH: For me, it's like being in a rep company. And they're all such pros. You show up, punch in...sparkle...and then, punch out.

NA: How surprised were you by the nomination?
MH: I was very surprised! I got a call from Brad Bell and invited to come to the set the next day with other turned out to be the actual day of B&B's 30th Anniversary so it was an extra special celebration. I felt like such a part of the family even though I'd only done 4 episodes. I don't watch the show much, but I do enjoy and appreciate it when I catch it.

NA: How do you intend to celebrate if you win?
MH: I plan to celebrate with you, pal, and the gang in Philly. I'll either be hailed the conquering hero or end up crying in my beers (laughter).

NA: Were soaps a part of your 'growing up?'
MH: My mother was always cleaning the house but she never sat down to watch a soap opera but I definitely did. I loved All My Children and when Carol Burnett went on, I thought it was the greatest. That's how I felt on B&B as if I was following in her footsteps, cause she's my idol! When I moved to Los Angeles, I played Tony Geary's (as Bill Eckhart) secretary, Gina, on several episodes of GH in the 1990s. That was a trip because of course we all watched Luke and Laura get married when we were in college!

NA: Any chance "Kieran" will return again in the future?
MH: There's been talk! I'd like to see her win a contest and go to Forrester Creations and try on some gowns (laughter).
NA: Better Spectra! Are you listening, Brad Bell!?

If you'd like to join Monica and me for "Full Circle" in Philadelphia, April 30, here is a direct link to purchase tickets:

Monica, a passionate advocate for Arts Education, will also be performing this summer in Philadelphia's Arden Theater Production of "Gypsy."

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