Wednesday, January 25, 2017

'Misguided' Promo Released, Includes New Cast Members Jean Carol, Jacklyn Zeman, Crystal Hunt

The cast of Misguided: (clockwise from top left) Paul Gosselin,
Meagan Campbell, Jean Carol, Christopher Robert Smith, Jacklyn
Zeman, Crystal Hunt, Stephanie Gatschet and Ivet Corvea.
On January 25, 1937, Irna Phillips' iconic radio soap opera The Guiding Light premiered on NBC radio.

She had absolutely no idea the impact her serial drama would have on a closeted adolescent named Paul Gosselin, living in small town Vermont, many years later. All Paul wanted in life was to be a part of Guiding Light and so he did everything he could possibly do to achieve his dream. He wrote fan fiction online hoping his stories would find their way on his favorite soap opera. He joined the Official Guiding Light Fan Club to meet other equally obsessed Guiding Light fans. Then after high school, he moved to New York City to pursue what he believed to be his life’s purpose, become a star on Guiding Light. In 2009, Guiding Light was canceled and with two unsuccessful auditions to be on the show, Paul’s mission in life came to a dead end. At a crossroads, Paul left New York City and moved to Los Angeles. Misguided, the online comedy web series, follows Paul’s journey upon arriving in Los Angeles.

Part II of Misguided begins on February 22, 2017 and a new episodes will be released every Wednesday for five weeks on YouTube. The cast for Part II of the online comedy features Emmy nominated actresses: Jean Carol, Stephanie Gatschet, Crystal Hunt and Jacklyn Zeman.

Watch the newly released promo for the upcoming episodes below:

“While the dream to be on Guiding Light might have temporarily ended in 2009, I am so blessed to share this story and tell it with so many actors from daytime television,” says Paul Gosselin, creator of the series. “Irna Phillips did not know who I was when she created Guiding Light, but after 80 years her creation has had a lasting impact on my life and I am still obsessed with making sure I am a part of this serialized drama.”

Misguided: Part II secured funding through Kickstarter in the summer of 2016 with its #ReigniteTheLight campaign and production began later that fall. Misguided was written and directed by Paul Gosselin; Robin Roemer of Scheme Machine Studios returned to the series as Director of Photography.

Cosmopaulitan Entertainment, the production company behind Misguided, seeks to create programming that inspires audiences to live authentic lives, passionately. The YouTube channel has had over 20,000 views from all across the globe. Its inaugural run earned Misguided an Indie Series Award nomination for actress Melissa Claire Egan.

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