Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions Set to Produce Digital Series Based on Ken Corday Novel "Ladies of the Lake" Starring Kyle Lowder

Production on Ladies of the Lake begins next month.
In a first of its kind deal, Ken Corday, longtime executive producer of Days of our Lives, has enlisted Emmy nominated Michael Caruso, to adapt and produce his original novel, "Ladies of the Lake," for the digital platform. The series will be executive produced by Michael Caruso (under his company Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions) and Emmy nominated actor Kyle Lowder, who also stars in the series and was instrumental in spearheading the initial concept to bring the soapy page-turner to the small screen. Two-time Emmy winner Sonia Blangiardo will direct the series.

Ladies of the Lake tells the story of four wealthy wives living in the exclusive gated community of Avalon. When their abusive husbands begin to turn up dead, Detective Shawn Daniels (Lowder) launches an investigation, only to discover the many secrets hidden beneath the glossy veneers of Avalon.

The script was penned by Indie Series Award winning writer Michael Caruso, adapted from the novel written by Ken Corday.

“Ken has been behind us since day one, giving us the freedom and creative control to adapt his novel," said Caruso. "He has been incredibly generous throughout the entire process and working alongside Kyle on this has been extraordinary. We are pulling out all the stops to whip up a really fun ride for the audience."

“Bringing Ken Corday's novel to life is something that I wanted to do from the first time I read it," revealed Lowder. " To have the opportunity to work with Michael Caruso and all the talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera, is truly inspiring.”

“When Kyle and Michael unveiled their vision for transforming 'Ladies of the Lake' into digital episodes, I was delighted," added Corday. "Our creative collaboration is a burst of fresh energy which stays true to the original story and also introduces these beautiful, intelligent, complex women to a broader audience."

Ladies of the Lake begins production next month. Additional cast announcements will be made next week. To find out more, visit

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