Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Watch Ron Carlivati Accept the 2016 WGA Award for 'General Hospital'

Ron Carlivati and the winning writing team from General Hospital.
On Saturday, February 13, the writing team from ABC soap opera General Hospital took home its second consecutive WGA Award, led by former head writer Ron Carlivati, who had plenty to say in his acceptance speech. The winning episode was from GH's 52nd anniversary last April revolving around Anthony Geary's iconic character, Luke Spencer.

"We told an original story about one of the most popular characters on daytime television," Carlivati explained. "At the time the actor who played him told me it was his favorite story line of his entire thirty-seven-year run on the show. Shortly after this, however, he became disenchanted with my writing, and for some strange reason refused to acknowledge that we ever even met, referring to me in interviews as only as 'the writer'. Apparently this is supposed to be some kind of insult but I'm sure my fellow writers standing on the stage, and probably most you in this room, would agree I consider being called a writer to be a badge of honor. So thank you to him for that, and thank you the Writers Guild for this."

Watch Carlivati's speech below.


  1. And the award for massive ego goes to....Ron Carlivati!
    Ron managed to go from inspired writer to tired writer, destroying characters in the process. Keep it classy, Ron!