Friday, February 12, 2016

'Love of Life' Star Toni Bull Bua Has Passed Away

Toni Bull Bua
Beloved actress and acting coach Toni Bull Bua passed away on Thursday, after battling cancer in recent years.

Many daytime soap opera fans remember Bull from her work as Tess Krakauer Prentiss Randolph on CBS' Love of Life, where she starred opposite Gene Bua, who played Bill Prentiss. Bill and Tess became a fan favorite couple, and made it onto the We Love Soaps 50 Greatest Soap Couples list in 2012. The actors fell in love off screen while their romanced blossomed on the air. The happy duo stayed together until Gene's death in 2012. Together they formed the popular Bua "Acting for Life" program.

Toni Bull and Gene Bua
The Young and the Restless star Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore Baldwin) was a student and close friend of the Buas. She wrote the following on Instagram about Toni's passing: "It is with great sadness that I write that the world lost one it's greatest souls, it's brightest stars, it's most giving angel tonight. I can not tell you how grateful I have been for every moment I got to spend with Toni Bua. We have been 'Soul Sisters' as we called each other,since I was 19 years old. Toni gave so much of herself to so many of us. She and her husband Gene were my teachers, on so many levels and they both taught my son, @landonreedx A time I will never forget. We wrote a musical together called WHEN I DREAM. So many extraordinary memories. And I will cherish every moment including the last ones I was able to spend with you. On wings my sweet Toni. Fly, fly high. I love you forever and a day."

Other Bua students included Drew Barrymore, Ted Danson, Katey Sagal and Brad Pitt.

In 1976, Toni joined Gene on NBC's Somerset, where she played Denny Saunders.

Below is one of my favorite daytime soap opera classic clips featuring Gene's Bill singing to Toni's Tess in that heavenly voice loved my many.

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