Friday, February 26, 2016

Devon Martinez Joins 'The Young and the Restless' as Shawn Taylor

Devon Martinez
Devon Martinez has joined the cast of CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless in the role of Shawn Taylor. According to TV Insider, Shawn is a young pregnant woman who is looking for the ideal parents to adopt her child.

Martinez, a recent grad of the Yale School of Drama, is the daughter of Emmy winner A Martinez (Eduardo Hernandez, Days of our Lives; ex-Cruz Castillo, Santa Barbara)

"Shawn is in her third trimester and feels strongly that she’s not ready to raise a baby on her own, so she’s come to town to put out feelers," Martinez tells TV Insider. "She’s considering Nick and Sage but she’s talking to other couples, as well, and still trying to make up her mind. She’s, like, “Who are these people? What is this town like? How is everyone connected?” It’s been fun studying the back stories. Everyone, including Nick and Sage, has been through so much! But, despite their circumstances, what are their core values? It’s been fascinating to play a woman in Shawn’s position and getting to the heart of what really matters where you’re looking to give up your child."

Martinez is scheduled to make her Y&R debut on Tuesday, March 1.

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