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NEWS: Susan Lucci, Lawrence Saint-Victor, Eva Longoria, Sean Whitesell, Alison King, Don Stewart, Matthew Morrison, Kerry Washington, Sherilyn Fenn

Eva Longoria
Is Telenovela based on Eva Longoria's soap opera experience?
Longoria says that Telenovela, airing Monday nights on NBC, draws from her time on The Young and the Restless. But she connects with her character, Ana Sofia, in other ways too. “As a Mexican-American, I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, so I was kind of shunned by my community,” says the Desperate Housewives alum. “Then in the American community, they were like, ‘Oh, you’re the Mexican,’ so I really never fit anywhere. And that’s exactly how Ana Sofia feels.”

Burgess Jenkins bids farewell to The Young and the Restless
Jenkins has left the role of Billy Abbott, which will be played by Jason Thompson started next week.

Jenkins wrote a short and sweet goodbye tweet on Friday: "Farewell GC, thanks for the memories! #YR"

Susan Lucci hopes Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis doesn't lose another 12 NFL playoff games before notching his first postseason victory with the Bengals
After losing to Houston in 2012, Lewis said he was starting to feel like Lucci, who was nominated 19 times before winning her first Daytime Emmy Award for Best Actress in her role as Erica Kane on All My Children.

Three seasons later, Lewis and his Bengals host Pittsburgh on Saturday as the coach looks to avoid an NFL-record seventh straight postseason defeat.

"I hope he doesn't go 12 more years before he wins a playoff game," Lucci said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press, and she wasn't joking. "I certainly hope the best for him. I'm sure he has a similar feeling to what I had - how do you do your work better and grow?"

The Bold and the Beautiful's Lawrence Saint-Victor to guest star on BET's Zoe Ever After
Saint-Victor, who plays Forrester Creations attorney Carter Walton, is slated to appear in two episodes of Zoe Ever After as Stephen Hawthorne, a love interest for the title character, a divorced mother, played by Brandy Norwood. Former The Young and the Restless and General Hospital actor Ignacio Serricchio is a series regular in the role of Miguel.

Saint-Victor's episodes will air on January 26 and February 16.

Sean Whitesell, Producer for Oz, House, The Killing, has passed away at age 52
Sean David Gerard Whitesell, a writer and producer for television shows including HBO’s Oz, CBS’ Cold Case, FOX's House, TNT’s Perception and AMC’s The Killing, died on December 28 in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. He was 52.

Coronation Street's Alison King is leaving the British soap for good to embark on 'new chapter'
King, who has played Carla Connor since 2006, has finally addressed rumors that she is leaving the soap. Speaking to Radio Times, she confirmed that she has handed in her notice to ITV bosses and is not taking a sabbatical as previously reported.

"It's been put out there that I'm taking a sabbatical, but I'm not," she said.

Don Stewart
A look back at the life of Guiding Light alum Don Stewart, who passed away 10 years ago today
Jerry verDorn played Ross Marler on Guiding Light for more than 20 years, beginning in March 1979. He remembers Don showing kindness to him when he was a newcomer on the show.

“I joined Guiding Light in 1979 and Don had been there for 10 years or more,” verDorn said. “He was very kind to me, a young guy new to New York, and we had many scenes together from 1979 to 1984. We also had much in common as I, too, was a Midwesterner from both Dakotas and Minnesota. He was a terrific guy and wildly popular on the show.”

Tina Sloan played Lillian Raines, whose character was a love interest for Mike Bauer shortly before Stewart left the show in 1984.

“He was lovely to work with,” Sloan recalled. “He cared about appearances. He always took care of his looks. He always was prepared for scenes.”

While on Guiding Light, Don Stewart met his future wife, Susan.

“Don and I met in New York on a blind date with a Navy buddy of his shortly after he joined Guiding Light” she said. “I remember thinking I never heard this line before, ‘I’m an actor on Guiding Light.’ I am a nurse and the next day I asked a patient what she was watching and it turned out to be Guiding Light. There he was. That night I called him to apologize if I was rude and he asked me to dinner — and that was it.”

As the World Turns and Glee alum Matthew Morrison joins The Good Wife
Morrison (ex-Adam, ATWT; ex-Will, Glee) will recur as a U.S. attorney who’s had experience putting four Illinois governors in jail.

Cable aired 750 unscripted shows in primetime last year
That includes 350 brand-new shows premiering in 2015, according to a tally by National Geographic. The 750 unscripted cable shows is 83% higher than the 409 scripted shows on broadcast and cable that FX counted at the end of last year.

Kerry Washington: Olivia Pope is a “changed” woman when Scandal returns from hiatus
“She’s definitely changed,” Washington told critics as the TV press tour. “What happened at the end of the winter finale is a huge decision for her, and she’s a different woman because of it.”

Teen Wolf is bringing back a fan favorite, but as a different character
Crystal Reed won’t return as the late Allison Argent.

Netflix: We’re restoring the Lost series finale's missing 18 minutes
In reaction to news that the 18 minutes were missing, Netflix tweeted: "We are in the middle of correcting now, and will have the uncut version back streaming as soon as possible.” Showrunner Carlton Cuse tweeted in response: "Thank you @Netflix for promising to restore the version we made of the Lost finale to the service."

HBO is close to renewing Game of Thrones for Seasons 7 and 8
A formal announcement is expected soon, according to The Hollywood Reporter, though it’s unclear if this will mark the end of the series. Game of Thrones will have its season premiere on April 24.

Sherilyn Fenn will reprise her Twin Peaks role on the Showtime reboot
According to Deadline, her character, Audrey, is expected to have a “major presence.”

Once Upon a Time recasts Gaston
Wes Brown will play the role originally played briefly by Sage Brocklebank.

The Unsung Legacy of Black Characters on Soap Operas
Well before primetime shows like Empire, daytime TV was the place where diversity and complexity learned to coexist.

HBO exec on a Deadwood movie: “It’s going to happen”
HBO programming president David Lombardo tells TV Line that Deadwwood creator David Milch "has our commitment that we are going to do it. He pitched what he thought generally the storyline would be — and knowing David, that could change. But it’s going to happen.”

Mila Kunis is producing a fashion drama for Freeform with Gossip Girl team
Made in L.A., from Kunis Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, is based on the memoir by Juicy Couture’s founders.

Netflix CEO is taken aback by Making a Murderer's popularity
"I called it wrong,” says Reed Hastings in an interview with Re/code. "I thought, 'This is going to be eight or 10 hours about a murderer? I hope it wins some awards, because it’s not going to be popular.'"

White House responds to Making a Murderer petition, says President Obama can’t pardon Steven Avery
The White House had to respond to the petition to pardon Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey because it reached the 100,000 signature threshold that triggers a response. “The U.S. Constitution grants the power of clemency to the President,” the White House’s We the People website said in an email to signees. “This clemency authority empowers the President to exercise leniency towards persons who have committed federal crimes.”

Starz developing three Spanish-language shows
Starz aims to cater to Latino audiences with the telenovela-based Maleficio, Pour Vida and supernatural thriller Santeria.

Michael Weatherly Leaving NCIS: How Will DiNozzo Be Written Out?
Special Agent Tony DiNozzo’s portrayer is parting ways with TV’s most watched drama after 13 seasons.

Fear the Walking Dead returns April 10, accompanied by Talking Dead
The 15-episode second season of The Walking Dead spinoff will air in two parts, with the first seven episodes airing in the spring. Fear the Walking Dead will also have a Talking Dead talk show, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

ABC is reviving $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan as host
The classic game show will return this summer in primetime, running 10 episodes on ABC.

Steve Harvey to reunite with Miss Colombia on his talk show
In an episode of Steve Harvey airing the week of January 18, Ariadna Gutierrez will speak with Harvey for the first time since his Miss Universe flub that demoted her from winner to runner-up.

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