Tuesday, December 1, 2015

'The Bay' New Season Begins: Sara Garrett Is In The Big House!

In jail, Sara (Mary Beth Evans) meets Big Candi (Kym Whitley).
A new season of Gregori J. Martin's Emmy and Indie Series Award-winning web series, The Bay, kicked off on Tuesday with back-to-back episodes and an all-star lineup that now includes, among other, daytime favorites Patsy Pease and Judith McConnell. There's also a haunting new opening sequence set to "Devil's Bride." As the season begins, havoc reigns as Bay City residents deal with the aftermath of multiple calamities and ongoing scandals.

What tragedy awaits Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) at the hands of the despicable Chase Walker (Brian Gaskill)? Charged with murder, can Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) survive prison life? Or do Big Candi (Kym Whitley) and Reya (Sarah Tirado) have other plans? Will concerned son Pete Garrett (Kristos Andrews) be able to help his mother when astute lawyer Cleo Harris (Vanessa Williams) reveals a dire situation? Do Mayor Jack Madison (Nicolas Coster) and Melody Garrett (Judith McConnell) have what it takes to help their daughter? Will persistent reporter Nathan Perkins (Scott Bailey) get answers before a cavalier Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) gets what he deserves? Is Vivian Johnson (Karrueche Tran) the first to grow suspicious of Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelsen) when he arrives on the scene? Can Riley Henderson (Brittany Underwood) handle the firery wrath of Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow)? Will a brooding John Blackwell (Ronn Moss) become an unsuspecting hero?

Continuing in Episode 2, Sara makes a tentative friend when offered advice from odd inmate Lola (Patsy Pease). Jo Connors (Kira Reed Lorsch) offers Steve fair warning as Commissioner Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) and Zoey Johnson (Taylor Stanley) deal with Blackwell’s shocking revelation. At the roadhouse, Pete relays discouraging news to Daniel, Vivian, and Avery Garrett (Alicia Leigh Willis) before Vivian offers a shocking solution. Lianna and Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) arrive just in time for an intense confrontation. As Janice prepares to deal with the unthinkable, Sara remembers when a young Lee Nelson (Eric Martsolf) offered her young self (Abby Wathen) comforting words.

Watch the episodes below.

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