Sunday, December 20, 2015

Watch the 'Shades of Bad' Holiday Card for We Love Soaps

Shades of Bad is the story of Doris Shades, a scorned woman who tries to kill
her cheating husband, fails, becomes a serial killer, drug dealer, is head
hunted for worse, and played straight.
There are only five more days until Christmas so if you haven't put your holiday cards in the mail yet, the time is now! We Love Soaps forgot to send greetings to British dark comedy soap opera Shades of Bad, and now we're concerned about being on their bad side. You do not want to make Doris Shades (played by the magnificent Jean Heard) mad!

Creator Stuart St Paul's show sent We Love Soaps a special holiday video to let us know we're in trouble. Check it out below, and if our site goes offline during the holidays, you'll know who to blame.

The newly released episode of Shades of Bad is the show's 31st. Watch it below.

Catch up on episodes of Shades of Bad here.

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