Monday, November 30, 2015

Greg Vaughan Leaving: 'Eric Brady' Actor Reveals 'Days of our Lives' Exit to Serial Scoop in Interview

Greg Vaughan Leaving is Eric Brady Dead
Greg Vaughan
Days of our Lives star Greg Vaughan is leaving the NBC soap opera and the role of Eric Brady, according to Serial Scoop's Michael Goldberg.

Goldberg confirmed the revelation that Vaughan is off Days during an exclusive one-on-one interview session. A transcript of the first part of his interview was published yesterday, but did not even hint at the end of Vaughan's run as Eric.

Instead, the focus of the Sunday article was Vaughan's new movie, which was about to air.

Goldberg is about to publish his transcript of part 2 of the interview. The second installment zeroes in on his final months at Days.

Vaughan recently celebrated his third anniversary with Days of our Lives, but it looks like it will be his last. There's no word yet on when his last episode will air.


  1. That's sad news, he was one of the better things about Days. Will the character be gone or just Greg? I really wish the best for him, a very talented who never got the respect he deserved in daytime (Y&R, GH, Days).

  2. Bring him back to GH as Lucky! He may be the only person who can get Elizabeth to change her ways! With Jason Thompson leaving, GH needs another leading man!