Friday, November 13, 2015

'Days of our Lives' Spoilers (November 16-20, 2015)

Bo Brady receives devastating news.
Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of November 16-20, 2015.


Monday, November 16
Bo (Peter Reckell) gets devastating news; Chase (Jonathon McClendon) is upset when he overhears Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) trashing his father; Brady (Eric Martsolf) feels caught between Theresa (Jen Lilley) and Victor (John Aniston); Abigail (Kate Mansi) gets closer to escaping.

Tuesday, November 17
When Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) learns Steve (Stephen Nichols) has received another anonymous message, she quickly takes matters into her own hands; A furious Marlena (Deidre Hall) confronts Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) about Sami's (Alison Sweeney) kidnapping; Bo tries to protect Hope (Kristian Alfonso), but she gets the wrong idea; Sami offers to make a deal with Andre (Thaao Penghlis).

Ben and Abigail learn she's gone into premature labor.
Wednesday, November 18
After years of being kept apart, Bo and Hope finally make love; Steve and Kayla find themselves in a mysterious - yet romantic - situation; Abe (James Reynolds) tells Theo (Kyler Pettis) about Lani (Sal Stowers).

Thursday, November 19
Bo's family throws him a party; Chad (Billy Flynn) seeks Marlena's help to track down Abigail (Kate Mansi); Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Abigail learn she's gone into premature labor; John and Marlena figure out a way to gain leverage against the DiMeras.

Friday, November 20
Ciara confides in Caroline (Peggy McCay) how much she wants her parents back together; Steve and Kayla reconnect.

Watch a sneak peek below. Bo admits to Hope that he has a brain tumor.

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  1. Please let brain tumor = quick exit from my screen. How about the only one who can save him is Daniel, and that's when Daniel is killed by a drunk driving Eric? That would be lovely.

  2. This may be blasphemy coming from a 32 year fan of Hope & Bo but--and I'm not sure when this happened--I fell in love with Rafe, and started rooting for him to be with Hope. I actually love the slow way that developed and it makes me not that upset about Bo's impending departure. I think we'll get some great drama out of it, and some real closure for Hope.

    1. I started watching soaps in I'm not that old! I was severely burned and had to have several surgeries, so I was at home or in the hospital. When I was at home regularly I had a tutor for one hour, my mom watched soaps...REALLY watched soaps! LOL! Being they were all a half hour, and not yet in competition with one another she jumped from network to network, when one channel had a game show on, she switched to a soap. In 1973 I returned to school. Days Of Our Lives came on at 2pm, and my school bus dropped me at the bus stop, in front of the house that we lived behind at 2:02pm. I ran home so fast to catch DOOL! In 1975 we were put on split session, due to overcrowding in the district, and for the next two years I got home from school at 1pm. (In 1977 some redistricting was done and I was most often home by 2:30pm) So watched a lot of soaps over the years, but there has only been one that I ever watched from start to finish, How To Survive A Marriage. I love the genre, but have often taken a break from a show from time to time, and some shows I completely gave up on. Days is a show I took a break from time to time...and yes! I have (sorry Roger!) never liked the character of Bo, so his return is not something that I value. Also the return of Dena Higley, is not something I relish, I feel she ruined the show for me several times in the years she wrote for it, and I took a break. Days has had some bad times even when Higley was not there, but her rehire IMO was a really bad idea, and I do not believe her schlock will be able to sustain ratings. So am not enjoying Days these days, and fast forward through most of it, the Ciara casting...WTF! Girl is awful!
      BUT to your point about Rafe and Hope, Yes sir! I was all on board for a Rafe Hope romance, and it was building beautifully, until squeaky came back!
      SO you wrote..."impending departure" concerning Bo...that means I have something to look forward to?

    2. I agree Ciara is horrible so many other choices would have been better, I can't stand her voice (nor Theresa's) and the kid can't act!!!

  3. Peter came back for the 50th only. He didn't want a contract to stay on but felt his character needed a better ending before he left. Don't blame the writers for killing him off. He doesn't want to stay, his decision. You cannot have another character such as Hope lie in limbo. Deal with it!

    1. I want Bo to die, always hated the character, and squeaky Recell. I do however blame Higley for how boring the show has been the past two months.

  4. Abby is having the baby already?

  5. Not happy Bo is going to die, should have left him on a secret Mission- Peter Reckell can do other things in between days he needs to stay on to show, why is he leaving again?

  6. I'm with you Teri They need to find another actor to keep Bo and Hope together they changed the first Bo

  7. Was terribly sorry to see the younger Ciara be replaced. She was perfect as Bo and Hope's daughter and much more believable than her replacement. This Ciara CANNOT even act, let alone make anyone believe she's Bo and Hope's offspring.

    Although Rafe is a lovable character, it is heartbreaking to watch the end of Bo and Hope. I personally like Peter Reckell as Bo, but if he wants to leave the show the character could still be saved. Victor stopped at nothing to save Caroline, so why couldn't be do the same for his son? If the writers are Hell-bent on Bo dying, then it's good that Rafe is there for Hope.