Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cast of Telemundo Telenovela 'La Querida del Centauro' Revealed

The cast has been revealed for the upcoming telenovela, La Querida del Centauro, set to premiere in 2016 on Telemundo. Humberto Zurita, Ludwika Paleta and Michel Brown will star in the super series, along with Alexandra de la Mora, Irene Azuela, Carmen Madrid, Andrea Martí, Enoc Leaño and Vadhir Derbez are just some of the actors rounding out the list.

Produced by Teleset and Sony for Telemundo, with a script by Lina Uribe (Más sabe el diablo) and Darío Vanegas (El Mariachi), the Super Series is directed by Mauricio Cruz (La Reina del Sur, Doña Bárbara) and Javier Solar (Camelia la Texana) under the executive supervision of Gabriela Valentán (La Patrona) and Daniel Ucros (El Mariachi).

Also joining the cast of La Querida del Centauro are Rodolfo Blanco, Ignacio Guadalupe, Michel Chauvet, Jaime del Águila, Cuauhtli Jiménez, Arantza Ruíz, Ricardo Polanco, Pablo Abitia, Iñaki Godoy and Héctor Holten.

Filmed entirely in Mexico, La Querida del Centauro follows the story of Yolanda (Ludwika Paleta), an attractive and intelligent recluse. While in jail, she becomes the mistress of one of Mexico’s most notorious drug traffickers, Benedictino García (Humberto Zurita), alias “El Centauro.” Though this relationship gives Yolanda a lot of power while she is in prison, it becomes her worst nightmare once she is released thanks to the intervention of Gerardo (Michel Brown), a detective committed to the fight against drug trafficking. With El Centauro a fugitive, Gerardo decides to use Yolanda as bait in an operation to track down his hideout.

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