Monday, November 30, 2015

Matthew Ashford Returning: 'Days of our Lives' Actor Back as Jack

Matthew Ashford
Days of our Lives fan favorite Matthew Ashford is returning to the NBC soap opera for a five-episode arc in late spring, according to Since the return is scheduled to be so brief, it's not clear whether his dead character, Jack Deveraux, will turn out to be alive. It may be that Jack is only returning, quite literally, in spirit.

I'm okay with Jack coming back as some kind of ghost. Shakespeare used a ghost to bring back Hamlet's father, Dickens brought back Scrooge's dead business partner as a ghost. In the right hands, it can work well.

What if Jack Deveraux is really alive again? Hope there's a good explanation.

What do you think, would you want Jack to be alive after all, or have past soap opera "resurrections" soured you on the idea of a back-from-the-dead Jack Deveraux? Please leave me a comment in the comments section, below. Especially if there's some third possibility you think is viable.

As for actor Ashford, he also stars currently in The Bay, an indie series with ISA and Emmy wins. Matthew Ashford returns to the Days of our Lives set this week.

When will Jack return to Days? Since the production is 5-6 months ahead, look for the first episode of Days of our Lives with Matthew Ashford back as Jack Deveraux to air in May 2016. We'll post updates here on We Love Soaps as we confirm the airdate.

Here's the original story at TV Insider.

Read about when Ashford was axed, along with Sarah Brown and others, back in 2010:
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And of course you may want to revisit our quite juicy, exclusive-to-WLS, five-part, one-on-one, epic tell-all interview with Matthew Ashford in August 2010.


  1. If he comes back as sort of a Christmas ghost, that is fine. The 'look-a-like' story is over used and if were really alive, I don't see how the character could redeem himself. Jack did that once before.

  2. I can't imagine a viable, believable way to bring Jack back alive but I would be okay with any explanation if it meant Matt Ashford was back on daytime. He's a rare soap actor who has chemistry with every man, woman, child and inanimate object. But I was kind of hoping he'd come back to GH as Tom Hardy.

  3. Didn't DOOL recently pledge that when a character dies, he or she will STAY dead? There's too much disbelief to continue being suspended. (That said, I can vividly remember when Matt Ashford's "Cagney McCleary" has a run in with his 'dead' wife, Suzy, at Christmastime on SFT. But that was nearly 30 years ago)

  4. I want him alive, his family needs him! Tptb have brought back other characters and things have worked out just fine! Do the same for jack and jen! Their story deserves that!

  5. He shouldn't come back from the dead. I've lost count it would be about the 3rd or 4th time he's done that. We saw him die in the elevator trying to rescue Abigail. His family have already greived his passing and the character of JJ was very well created and acted, coming in the show greiving for his Dad. It has to be as a ghost or spirit. Why don't they bring back Jen's Dad, Bill Horton. The show needs a patriach that isn't a former Crime boss.