Wednesday, October 21, 2015

James Read Leaves 'Days of our Lives' as Clyde, Says He Had A "Fabulous Time In Salem"

James Read
On Tuesday's episode of NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) confessed to his father Clyde (James Read) that he was the Necktie Killer. A stunned Clyde, who was being extradited to Florida, vowed to keep his secret, and then was taken away. It was Read's final appearance as Clyde on Days.

The actor took to Twitter to thank fans for their support. "Clyde's Last Ride," he wrote. "Had a fabulous time in Salem - thank you for watching and for all your kind words and support! Rock on, Days!"

While I was never a huge Clyde fan, there's no doubt Read is a terrific actor and did good work in the role.

Watch the end of yesterday's Days below:


  1. Not a huge fan either, but kudos to Read. And more than likely, this move keeps Clyde alive for a potential revenge story against one or more of the Deveraux some day out in the future, as I'm guessing Ben will die before this is all over. Clyde would surely blame others for his only son's fate as well as his own. Clyde's already vowed revenge against JJ for setting him up.

  2. I hope Clyde comes back for revenge in the future. Days too often forgets about its non-Di Mera villains. And Read is quite an actor - I really liked his last scene with Ben, even if both characters are awful monsters.

  3. I really liked Reda the actor, but the Clyde character has been crappy from the get go. Only as he was exiting the show did he really get good, but I find that happens when anyone leaves Days. I hope we get a revenge story down the road, and I truly believe he should get a DiMera sized comeuppance for killing EJ...

  4. I really enjoyed James Read's performance, Clyde was a dead end character, and never got or believed his relationship with Kate, but hoping we do get to see him again.

  5. I didn't ever for a moment like Clyde. And then when he killed EJ , I double disliked him. As for Ben, I hope he is off the show asap! He discusts me! I love Chad and Abby together! and I hope EJ is coming back SOON! can't wait for him and Sami to reunite!!!!