'Blood & Oil' Sneak Peek: Billy Lefever Goes Head to Head with Wick Briggs

Wick (Scott Michael Foster, right) doesn't appreciate Billy's (Chace
Crawford) advice.  Photo Credit: ABC/Fred Hayes
Billy gets back into business with Hap on tonight's episode of Blood & Oil, airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.  The Young and the Restless alum Wilson Beth guest stars as Finn.

In "The Ripple Effect," no longer suspecting Wick of any wrongdoing in the oil heist, Hap extends an olive branch when he brings his son in on an exciting new venture. But when Billy attempts to join the deal, tensions soon reach a boil. However, we will soon learn that this deal isn't quite as rosy as Hap promised. Meanwhile, Sheriff Tip arrests a prime suspect in the robbery, creating additional pressure for Wick. And AJ's true motives are revealed as he attempts to use his growing relationship with Hap's daughter, Lacey, as a way to undermine Briggs Oil. Also, Hap rekindles his relationship with his son's girlfriend, Jules, as the stakes of the father-son love triangle heat.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Blood & Oil stars Don Johnson as Hap Briggs, Chace Crawford as Billy Lefever, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody Lefever, Scott Michael Foster as Wick Briggs, Amber Valletta as Carla Briggs, India De Beaufort as Jules Jackman, Adan Canto as AJ Menendez, Miranda Mayo as Lacey Briggs and Delroy Lindo as Tip Harrison.

Guest starring are Paul Rae as Garry, Keston John as Kess, Yaani King as Ada, Wilson Bethel as Finn, Max Arciniega as Star, Kimberly Guerror as Nina Hodge and Tara Karsian as Van Ness.

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