Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trailer Released for Steve Silverman's 'Club 5150'

Days of our Lives legend Deidre Hall will guest star as Nadine.
Steve Silverman's latest project is the upcoming comedy web series, Club 5150, whose all-star cast features many familiar faces, including Crista Flanagan, Adrienne Wilkinson, Michael Caruso, Mary Gallagher, Wayne Wilderson, Sharon Houston, Mari Weiss, Eden Riegel, Crystal Carson, Lee Sherman and Deidre Hall.

When Angela (Flanagan) comes home to find a '5150' has been called on her for fear she is a danger to herself, she has 72 hours to prove to a therapist, her husband, her best friend, and the nanny that she is indeed sane.

If the newly released trailer is any indication, Club 5150 will be a very fun show to watch. Check it out below:

Club 5150 will premiere in November.

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